Vibrant flavours of India at 16th Tourism Fair, Siliguri

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The 16th Tourism Fair was organised at the City Center, Siliguri on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December 2015. The fair was inaugurated by Mr. J.P. Shaw, Regional Director India Tourism. It was a platform for different states to showcase their tourist spots and facilities that are available in their region. There were various stalls put up for different states, travel operators, resorts etc.

Inauguration of Explorea Magazine at Tourism Fair

Like last year, Inspiria again participated in the fair where we showcased 1001 things calendar for the year 2016. The main motive to participate at the fair was to highlight the rising importance of the tourism industry in North Bengal. Inspiria launched its first edition of travel magazine Explorea‘. Explorea is an online tour magazine with a mission to leverage the strength of Travel & Tourism in North Bengal. The magazine was was launched by Mr. J P Shaw, Regional Director India Tourism.

Watch the magazine in action at

1001 things Stall at 16th Tourism Fair

The Tourism Fair witnessed many tour operators including Rajasthan Tourism, Jharkhand Tourism, Gujarat Tourism, Himachal Pradesh Tourism, Tripura Tourism and Kerala Tourism.

Stalls at 16th Tourism Fair

Also, all copies of our “1001 things 2016 calendar”, were sold out within the 2nd of the fair.

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