5 Reasons Why Learning English Is Important

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English language has become a necessity in this day and age. Whether you are a student or a working professional this language is a basic tool which you must possess. It is always stressed that this language be learnt and more and more people opt to speak English over their native languages. But why do you think that this language is gaining more importance and at the same time not considered common?

Well here are 5 reasons why English language is so important and should be taught more

Global Language

Most of the people still carry the belief that English is only spoken or ‘is the language of’ countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia. But it is not so! It’s a Global Language and calling it that would not be wrong because it is recognized as an official language in 67 countries and 27 non-sovereign entities. World’s top institutions like the United Nations, European Union, SAARC and NATO also use English as their official language.

Business Language

English language has played a vital role in making the world a Global Village. Serving as a common communication tool for people coming together from all parts of the world. Top MNCs like Google, IBM, Pepsico, Tata Consultancy Services you name it they all use english as their official language. Even small businesses and most of the Educational institutions have recognized English as their official language so as to be a host to people from all over the world.

Develops Your Personality

Being a fluent English speaker is considered a very important skill and adds a lot of value to your personality. Since it is another added knowledge, it boosts your confidence and opens more doors of opportunities. Especially when one enters the workforce, english helps them acquire projects, lead people, and present themselves to a wider audience helping them achieve their goals quicker.

Broadens Your Career Prospect

With English being recognized as the most used business language, anyone with sound knowledge of English language is preferred over someone who isn’t familiar with the language. By solely being fluent in this global language, one can make oneself eligible for various career profiles. For someone who dreams of working abroad and broadening their professional horizon,
learning English works as a perfect tool.

Broadens Your Horizon of Information

Apart from being a help in getting you a good job, knowledge of English language also expands your horizon of information. With most of the information on the internet being in English, having a good knowledge of the language opens you up to more content, helps you be up to date with the current affairs and helps you keep with the trends. Being familiar with English also helps you access a diverse variety of content when it comes to entertainment. You don’t have to restrict yourself to just the local content whether it movies, books, music or any other form of entertainment, you don’t even need to be bound to Hollywood but you can rather expand your horizon to the farthest corners of the world.

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