Best Resume Formats To Secure Jobs in 2022

Best Resume Formats To Secure Jobs in 2022

The first step to getting yourself that desired job starts with creating a resume. To put it in simple words it is a documental representation of you, a summary of your qualification and skills. Admit it or not, creating that perfect resume is a struggle. Especially if you are a fresher just entering the workforce. The worry if your resume appeals to the recruiter or not is always there but curating that perfect resume is not as hard as we assume it to be. You just need to present the data in an orderly manner (i.e. following a format) and choose the right words using action verbs and Industry terminologies.

Though there is no perfect resume format, there are some widely accepted by the professionals. The most followed resume formats are Chronological Resume, Functional Resume and Combination Resume. Your work history, Work Experience, Education Qualifications and Skills determine the type of resume you opt for. Chronological resumes are mainly for professionals with a work history or for freshers joining the workforce after internships and volunteer Work. Functional Resume on the other hand is best for job seekers who have gaps in their work history or someone changing their jobs. For experienced professionals with abundant skills and excellent qualifications associated with their professional industry go for Combination Resumes.

Below are some resume samples that are hard to pass by

Human Resources Resume

Human Resources (HR)Resume Example
Best Resume Formats



Apart from the basics i.e. your name, address and other details focus more on keywords related to Human Resource. Highlight the roles, duties, responsibilities and your qualities as an HR. If you have prior experience, mention that by putting it in a heading. Give details, if the experience was extensive. Highlight your achievements in the professional field as an HR and mention your contributions to an organization.

Internship resume

Internship Resume Example



It is one of the first resumes one writes and gives off a first impression as far as your interest towards your profession is concerned. When going for an internship, highlighting your career objective is key. Let your employer know clearly what you bring to the table. For fresh graduates, showing relevant skills, character traits and abilities is a must.

Programme manager Resume

Program Manager Resume


A fit candidate for this job profile is someone who possesses a number of hard and soft skills. As one of the leading forces of an organisation, the job seeker should exhibit a lot of managerial skills. Leadership Skills, Performance Tracking, Risk Assessment, Financial Modeling and sound knowledge of softwares are some points to be emphasized on. Using strong action verbs such as developed, streamlined, responsible for, initiated etc. makes a huge impact on your resume showing off your professional performance.

Interior Designer Resume

Interior Designer Resume For Fresher



Mention previous interior design projects you have done. Highlight your interior design skills such as Spatial awareness, Problem Solving skills, Negotiation, adaptability, critical thinking etc. Mention and highlight your knowledge about interior design softwares such as AutoCAD, 3D Homeplanner, Vectorworks etc. Attaching hard copies of your design also works in your favour most of the time.

Hospitality Resume

Hospitality Resume



A job seeker in Hospitality must possess personality, the right training and technical skills. Apart from your degree, if you possess certain training certificates, internship certificates etc it adds value to your resume. Mentioning technical skills such handling of credit and debit cards, knowledge of working a security system also adds equal value. Your personality is tested the most while applying for any hospitality related job profile, make sure to stress on communication skills and other soft skills. Mention and highlight if you are Bilingual or a polyglot.

Web Developer Resume

Web Developer Resume



Like any other resume, starting with an objective statement works here as well. Talk about your prior work experience, or internship experience if you have any. Mention any websites that you have worked on developing in the past. Support your statement with the results and benefits you brought to the website, like the amount of consumers reached, improved website performance and lessened hacker attacks etc.

Digital Marketing Resume

Digital Marketing Resume



It is one of the most on demand and competitive professional fields out there. Making your resume stand out from the rest is key. Mention specialised skills like SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, Keyword research and developing optimized content. Highlight your knowledge of needed softwares such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. Add numbers to your resume by mentioning your previous achievements such as percentage of increase of traffic in website, increase of sales in percentile, growth in mailing list etc.

Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic Designer Resume



Although the job profile you are applying for demands designs, don’t apply it in your resume. Keep it simple and traditional. One of the most important things in a Graphic Design resume is your portfolio. Attach your portfolio and provide your website link if you have any. Emphasize on skills like the ability to multitask, cooperate, coordinate and meet the deadlines.


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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Resumes

Resumes are undoubtedly one of the most important documents in one’s professional life and curating a good resume is always a challenge. To tackle these challenges we have answered some FAQs about resumes.

Is CV or Resume the same?

No, a CV and the Resume are not the same. CV which stands for Curriculum Vitae is a long, in-depth document that describes your whole span of career. It is a Latin word which means ‘the course of life’ and used more for academic purposes and while applying for government jobs. Usually more than 3 pages it can also extend upto 10 pages and more.
Resume on the other hand is a shorter document. Usually one-page or not exceeding more than two pages. It just pinpoints the key achievements and skills of your qualifications and professional background. A resume is used more for job searches in the Private Sector.

What skills do I put on a resume?

A resume should always have a section emphasizing both on soft skills and hard skills. Some of the soft skills to be included in a resume are Effective Communication, Teamwork, Dedication, Working on deadlines, Adaptability, problem solving, leadership etc. As far as hard skills are concerned everything relevant to your job profile must be included. Whether it’s the knowledge of the softwares or various computer applications, tools, coding languages and other machinery skills, all should be included.

How do I write my first resume?

Writing your first resume is always a challenge, you want your resume to be interesting, appealing to the employer and professional at the same time. Fresh Graduates and Interns will be the ones writing their first resumes. Following a functional resume format would be classic for job seekers entering the workforce. Focus mostly on your academic achievements, add volunteer work experience if you have any and mention projects if you have done any.

What is a good resume format?

There is no such thing as a perfect or good resume format but there are some widely accepted resume formats. The most used formats in the workforce are:
i) Chronological Resume: It lists your jobs on the order of the time you held each position i.e. the recent on the top and so on. Best for professionals with a decent work history.
ii) Functional Resume: It focuses on your professional skills rather than on your previous jobs. Best for freshers and interns.
iii)Combination Resume: It is a combination of Chronological and Functional resume which highlight all your work experience along with professional skills you possess. Best for professionals with an extensive work history.

What is the Resume format for a fresher in a workforce?

An ideal resume format for a fresher would be the Functional resume. This resume format focuses on the professional skills rather than the previous jobs you held. Since a fresher is just graduated with no prior experience, this format works perfectly.

How to Make a Cover Letter For a Resume?

Normally, a cover letter is only attached to the resume when it is asked by the employer. It is used to elaborate the information contained in your resume but make sure to not prepare a lengthy cover letter. Things you must include in a cover letter are your introduction, description about the type of job you are applying for, statements which show that the skills you possess match the skills being asked by the employer. Mention a call to action at the end i.e. secure a meeting or an interview.

Which resume format do employers prefer?

It depends on the job profile you are applying for, the timeline of your career and the employers’ needs. Depending on your work experience and the job profile you can choose from Chronological Resume, Functional Resume and Combination Resume. But the key here is to keep your resume simple and easy to understand.

How to list work experience on a resume?

Whether you are working for a long time or are a mid-level professional, you should always list your work experience in a chronological order. List your jobs according to the time you held your position with the recent one being on top. Putting your recent job on top gives the idea of your professional growth making it easier for the employer to understand your professional stance.

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