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The very beautiful and gentle Yangchen Lhamo the native of Paro, Bhutan is our next feature of Rising stars. The very talented Yancheng is pursuing Bachelors in Hospitality Management as she wishes to have her own business in Bhutan. As a family business, they already have a resort but it is her desire to also start up with a five-star hotel. She wishes to pursue production as the subject for her post graduation because she believes that food is the most important aspect of every human being. As Bhutan is a tourist destination and her aim is to do business in this area she feels the necessity to be equipped with all the cuisine of the world, which will help her business flourish, also is the winner of ‘Rondhon Shoily’ at Insvaganza 2017.

A lover of nature, who loves to enjoy the gifts of nature by herself, crowd and sharing her feelings is out of her dictionary. Always smiling and ever ready to help others she has this special ability to draw people to herself. It pains her to see the younger generation of today not helping the older generation. She wishes to motivate the youngsters of today to give enough respect and care to the elders.Yangchen performing at Insvaganza 2017

She wishes to initiate for the differently abled people and the people who do not have anybody to help them. As a socially responsible person, she wishes to fight the corruption that is prevalent in the trading market. She believes that as a good citizen even the little that you do can help the country to reach greater heights.

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The love of her life is dance, no event in the campus goes by without a performance by her. It’s a treat to the eye to watch her dance and her graceful movements actually depict the gracefulness of their country Bhutan. A very family oriented person who still believes in the old tradition of joint family system and prays that this system will never perish. Yangchen showcasing her cuisine in ‘Rondhon Shoily’ at Insvaganza 2017.

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