Inspirians Grabbed The Runners-Up Trophy Of 1st Yuva Futsal Inter-College Competition 2019

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The need for educating our modern generation is not limited to grades and clearing exams alone. In the current educational system, extra-curricular activities are considered an equal necessity to develop and redefine the demanded skills in a student. The rapidly changing world of today does not simply demand certificates & first-class degrees. It demands skills, values, understanding, and attitude. Thus, apart from rendering the distinguished criteria of education, Inspiria Knowledge Campus is striving towards sustaining the interest of the students with excellent provision extra-curricular activities.

From an unbiased perspective, “sports” is one of the greatest forms of extra-curricular activities. It not just tests the athletic bent and potential in a student but also boosts confidence. It inculcates a sense of discipline, time management skills, team spirit, leadership skills, focus and strengthens the core values in a student.

Any form of sports, which demands physical movements and mental focus not just adds up to physical well-being but also supplies to psychological benefits. Thus, focusing on the potential advantages of being physically active and fit, Sports Mangement department of Inspiria Knowledge Campus is hustling to break down on the old educational norms that only count on just passing the exams.

Recently, Inspirians Participated in 1st Yuva Futsal Inter-College Competition 2019. Despite the growing popularity of Futsal, 1st Yuva Futsal Inter-College Tournament was first of it’s kind to be scheduled by Young Indians Group at Galaxy Futsal Arena, Salbari. The tournament was organized in association with Bijaya Centre Plywood. It was a league tournament. Total five number of colleges participated in the game.

The First Match or the Quater Finals was scheduled between St. Xaviers college Siliguri and Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The Inspirias won the match by 3-2. The Second Match (Semi-Finals) was fixed between Salesian College and Inspiria. The victory once again befell on Inspirians’ favor, who won by 6-0.
The Finals or the Third Match was scheduled between St. Xaviers College Rajganj and Inspiria. The finals, however, the match was won by St. Xaviers with a score of 2-1.

Inspirians, who entered the finals was coached by sports & fitness trainer Mr. Amitav Singh, who also is an associate faculty for the BBA Sports Management Course at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. Under his mentorship, reassuring consistency & determination, Inspirians attained semi-finals and made it to the runners-up trophy.

Proud inspirian Shahil Pradhan from BBA 3rd year was conferred the best goalkeeper of the tournament. Despite the norms of “winning and losing in a game”, Inspirians further strives to do better. The entire management is proud and continually seeks to bring out the best in the multiculturally minded students, who in the future can create an impact in the local, national and global community. Now, Inspirians are focusing on the upcoming tournament by Reliance Foundation Youth Sports.

Futsal At A Glimpse

Futsal may resemble with or might resound football, but it slightly different than an actual football game. Contrary to football, it comprises of a less number of rules. Futsal has 5 players in the game and rolling substitutions are permitted during the game.

Similar in a football game, futsal includes one goalkeeper for each side. It has a much smaller pitch about (40m X 20 m). The tournament, thus, is mostly played in indoor stadiums with a slightly different ball with its circumference normally ranging between 62 -64 cm.

The game is played in two halves of twenty minutes each. A break of fifteen minutes is allotted between each half. For each game, there are three referees. 2 of them officiate the games from each touchline. 1 remain on the side of the timekeeper and communicates with the timekeeper whenever needed. He further keeps a record of both team’s benches.

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