2019 Board Exam Preparation: Tips & Tricks to Score High

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Board exams for all the major subjects for both class X and XII will commence from the first week of March 2019. In the current scenario, anxiety and stress are evident and common amongst the students. Board Exams are a crucial part in the academic life of the student as it greatly impacts the students’ future career prospects. If you’re appearing for the boards, you must have experienced the pressure and fear. There is a rising need to score well in the board result as the good result will help you get admission in the best institutions, pursue the best courses, and get closer to your dream career. So, here are some of the valuable tips and tricks for effective exam preparations and to score good marks in the 2019 board examinations.

Start your preparation early

There is no special time as the “Right-Time” for board exam preparation. Every student is bestowed with different learning capabilities. However, you should never neglect your studies and never save it for the last moment preparation. Cramming your notes a night before the exam will never do. Revise the entire syllabus. If you haven’t done it, do it now to avoid the disappointment later during the board results.

Sketch a timetable to make the preparation easy

To reach your goal, you need to have good planning. In the same way, you need to have a good time-table to ensure the easy preparation for your CBSE Board Exams. Every student should prepare a timetable of their own and should follow them religiously.

Devote adequate time for self-study

After school lessons, tuition or coaching classes, you should devote some time to study the topics that have been taught in the classes. Indulge in self-study, to practice and to analyze the topics that are taught in the class. Practicing this will help your brain retain them for a long time.

Follow the best study rules

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. To perform well and to score good grades in exams, every student has to follow some strategic study plans and rules. You should be able to balance your personal and academic life during your preparation time. Your priority and the ultimate focus primarily should be on studies.

Make a procedure to study long answers

Learning a massive text or the essay type answers are never easy. Thus, to overcome the panic of grasping the long answers, you should draft a plan to learn them. Such as breaking the voluminous answers into paragraphs, writing them and relating them with the real-life scenarios. Doing this will help your brain to grasp them easily and preserve them for the long run.

Solving previous years’ question papers

Solving the previous years’ questions can help the students get a clear insight into the board exam question format, the marks distribution, the nature of the question, and much more. Solve the previous years’ questions doing this will help you identify your weaknesses and keep track of your preparation.

Take regular breaks in between

The effective study does not mean studying for 12 hours a day without any break. You need to take regular breaks of 20 minutes every 2-hours amid your extended study hours. Your mind needs to relax and your brain needs to retrieve energy for the next study hours. Intervals are necessary to keep your brain active and focused.

Taking care of your health

You should have a healthy mind to have a good grasp of the topics that you read and study. To have a healthy mind, you should have a healthy body. So, amid the hassle of finishing the syllabus and shuffling amid the untouched chapters, you might often forget to take care of your health. Never compromise with your health. Eat healthily and stay hydrated. Get Adequate amount of sleep.

Meditate to declutter your mind from stress and fear

Fear and stress are obvious amongst the students during the board exams. If you want to keep them away, you should practice the art of meditation. It helps in improving your focus and declutters your mind from stress and anxiety. Meditation is an effective method for developing a positive perspective towards life and for your absolute mental well-being.

Believe in your abilities and Do well in your exams

After studying hard for many weeks and months for the board exams, you’ve finally arrived at the moment where your hard work and dedication will be tested. You need to remember that no matter how good you’re, you should be able to reflect the same in your board exam answer sheet. Thus, you need to be mentally well prepared with a firm belief of outshining the exam stress and anxiety. Follow the rules specified in the question paper. Give a proper numbering to your answers. Be extra careful with your registration number, roll & number, subject, date, exam center code, etc. Make sure your answer sheet is neat and tidy with proper margins drawan with pencil and a scale. Do not overwrite or use an excess white marker. Use an extra sheet for the rough work, especially during the maths, chemistry exams.Do not skip any questions. Try finishing your exam within the allotted time, Make use of the given 15 minutes for primarily reading the instructions to avoid making the mistakes.

We wish you all the best wishes for your upcoming board exams.

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