Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers (2015-2022)

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CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers (2015-2022)

In the world of tough competition and an urge to climb the ladders of success, students often feel stressed before appearing for their central exams, especially in class 12 CBSE Boards. The sole reason behind this unwanted nervousness is the constant tension of getting a chance into a good college! With time, students have become more focused on their curriculum and have taken the aspect of academics and board exams seriously because of the constant competition that strives them to work towards attaining success! 

Importance of CBSE Sample Papers (Class 12) for students before exam – 

In this scenario, when the competition gets skyrocketed, the presence of sample papers before the actual CBSE board exams come as a magic boon to the students. It is imperative to understand that sample papers do not just help the students with the probable questions but at the same time, help them with time management, ease their stress, and ensure that students feel confident before taking their exams. 

The importance of practicing sample papers before exams is extremely significant because of the following reasons – 

Practice makes perfect- 

The old saying could not get much better and apt in this aforementioned significance. Students often finish their preparation and revise as per their roadmap. After finishing their preparation, they often seek the “last-minute preparation” and sample papers come as a fortunate hope. By practicing sample papers, students can analyze their level of preparedness and work on the places they lack. 

Time management – 

One of the most important and beneficial aspects of solving sample papers before the commencement of board exams is that students get an opportunity to test themselves and solve the mock papers to eradicate any kind of hassle or stress during the day of the exam. 

Getting an insight – 

There is no doubt that by solving the sample papers, the students not only overcome the fear of the “unknown” but also get an insight into the pattern of the question papers and the marking patterns which significantly helps the students with better practice and boost their confidence before appearing for board exams. 

Self-satisfaction –

This is an important aspect, and by far, the most valuable aspect of solving sample papers before boards. Before appearing for exams, students feel a sense of stress, fear, anxiety because of the fear of scoring better in exams. With the massive availability of the sample papers, students get an idea of the pattern, structure, and time limit of the actual question papers by solving these mock papers. By doing so, students feel elevated and at the same time, they feel self-satisfied, when it comes to taking their exam. 

These are some of the fundamental concepts which help students prepare for their exams robustly. As no exam is ordinary for students; by practicing sample papers, they challenge themselves based on their aspects of solving sample papers not only helps the students analyze their strengths or weaknesses, but it is one of the most fundamental aspects which ease their stress and tension before the main day as they walk down the hall confidently, with zeal and dedication! 

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