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Animation Course 2020: Animation course is the stepping stone to the modern-day career. With the World coming to be to a virtual one, the utmost necessity of the hour is to gain enough knowledge and skill to adapt to this contemporary transition. For instance, communication is the key to our being. In former days, people communicated through handwritten letters, telegrams, and telephones. With the advancement of technology and the internet, the mode of communication in our times has become virtual. You can see the person from another part of the world right in front of your eyes through video calling apps, social media platforms, etc.

Similarly, when we look at the educational system of the present world, it has become virtually feasible for anyone to learn anything, from any part of the world based on one’s time convenience. Whether it’s your creativity, new skills, a new technique, or an analysis, which you wish to share with the world, you do so through social media platforms. Speaking of Animation in this context, it is a rapidly growing field and it is omnipresent. Owing to its versatility, it holds endless job prospects and ensures prolific growth in career. It is in fact, regarded as one of the best career alternatives of our times. If you are someone with a creative mind and aspire to explore the tech sphere as well, an animation course is an ideal and obvious alternative. Still uncertain about it? Here are some fundamental reasons why you should study the animation course in 2020.

#1. The intriguing field that connects creativity and art with technology

The animation is not just about boring sketches or indistinguishable images or caricatures. It’s about having a clear conscience about your creativity and everything you create. Of course, you need to be extremely proficient in drawing caricatures. The best part is that in this field you can induce life in your creativity with the application of computerized techniques along with the internet. If you want to blend your creative side with the tech, then you should study the animation course to be on the right career path. Remember Disney movies? The ones that are based on fairy tales?

#2. Surging demand for professionals

The animation is a widespread domain. Owing to the rise of tech and virtual learning, AI, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is on a constant rise. So, opting for the animation course after 12th can be the best way to give an early start to your career in this industry. Whether it’s a corporate sector or an educational industry, the demand for graphic designers, animators, motion graphics artist are on continuous demand. Presently, almost all the business in the world rely on the strength of the virtual platform, so the expansion in job opportunities is obvious.

#3. Better job prospects in diverse industries

As said earlier, the animation industry holds numerous job opportunities. The skills taught in the course will enable you to choose from a large job variety. The jobs directly associated with a nation course are Animator, Illustrator, Web designer, Concept Artist, Graphic Designer, Games Developer, VFX artist. Career alternatives where the animation degree will be of great significance are Film/video editor, Game artist, Advertising art director, Film director, Artworker, Sound engineer, Exhibition designer, Multimedia specialist, Production designer (film, television, theatre), Producer (television, video, film), Music producer, Special effects technician, production coordinator, etc.

#4. The industry rising on grounds of global domination

The animation is not restricted to any specific geographical boundary. When we say animation, it resounds the big global names on the entertainment industries like Disney, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, etc. Today, almost every industry depends on the function of animation for a promising brand or product representation. The entire entertainment industry worldwide embraces the multidimensional aspects and implementation of animation to bring out more convincing effects and lifelike characters on the screen. A degree in animation equips you with the obliged skills and knowledge in your desired industry.

#5. A field where your CGPA doesn’t matter

In the animation field, your level of creativity and your enthusiasm matter the most. It’s one of the domains where your CGPA doesn’t matter like in other fields. So, if you are someone who aspires to be part of something creative yet worthwhile, you need not have that first division mark sheet in order to make your dream come true. Practically speaking, in any career domain your efficiency or capability is considered on the basis of your skill and experience, not your marks.

#6. Ideally convey, express, portray yourself and your abilities

The animation teaches the extraordinary technique to express yourself. If you want to visually portray the incident of Noah’s Ark, it will be impossible for you to bring back the real ark and animals in reality, nor it will be possible to go back to the age-old centuries to capture the entire incident. However, you can animate every bit of the story and the characters to make it convincing and make them appear real. If you are a storyteller who wants to explore the art and convincing techniques of storytelling, you can just pick an advanced animation course. There are many examples of animation in creating a lifelike impression in movies like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Lord of the Rings, Jungle Book, etc.

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#7. The career of the contemporary age

Building a successful career is important. But unlike in former times, you don’t have to be a doctor or an engineer to have a thriving and well-paid career. We live in an age where you or anyone can opt from intriguing and creative career alternatives like travel blogging, YouTuber, Social media Influencer, Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer, Documentary Maker, Artist, and this endless do not exempt the amazing career of the Animator! The career in animation promises lucrative pay, better career growth, job satisfaction, and productive learning for lifelong. So, there are no reasons to be skeptical regarding your own choices if that choice is animation.

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