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Scope Of Sports Management in India: It’s obvious for you to dream of a career in sports as an athlete if you are passionate about it. In a definitive circumstance, the majority of aspirants not only dream of a career in sports but also wish to attain that level of excellence through which they can represent one’s country on a certain field at a global extent. However, if you are not into an athletic pursuit and yet wish to contribute to a considerable capacity in this ever-expanding sports industry, here is the good news! Because being an athlete or playing sports is not the only method to be a part of the world’s most exciting industry. The sports sector is a dynamic and globally dominating industry. So, you might well- imagine the vigor and method in which, international sports competitions are organized.

So, it’s not just tournament but a lengthy list of factors and behind the scene struggle, that mandates in organizing sports events successfully. It’s mandatory to have an understanding and knowledge of sports management skills such as organizational skills, the skill to govern team finances, arranging partnerships, promote events, etc. Basically, professionals with credible proficiency make the biggest support to meet all the commitments for effectively managing diverse areas of the sports industry. As per the reports released by FICCI – International Institute of Sports Management, the job opportunities in the sports industry will improve to a remarkable extent by 2022. In the forthcoming years, the demand for knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the sports management sector will rise by 19%. So, if you are passionate about sports and seek to build a fulfilling career in this industry, then make sure to explore and learn about the career prospects in sports management.

As the sports sector is concerned, India is ideally progressing as a catalyst for the sports industry. Owing to the growing number of sports leagues rising up from a broad extent of sports like Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Kabbadi, Boxing, Tennis, etc., a lot of job opportunities thrive in the sports management sector in India. Besides, India has been designated as a crucial participant in the international sports market and anticipated to grab more global feats.

So, what is Sports Management? Sports Management practically includes managing all the issues in sports that are business-related. The responsibility of a business management professional includes dealing with the administrative aspects of a team, athletes, sports clubs, tournament venues, sport event sponsors, etc. Sports Management is crucial regardless of levels, be it at schools, colleges, local tournaments, national, and global divisions. The field of sports management is sure to generate better job opportunities for professionals or individuals in diverse roles. So, if you are dreaming about a career in sports management in India, then here are some professional areas that you can explore.

#1. Sports Analyst

Sports Analysts are responsible for evaluating diverse factors of sports performances – right from an individual athlete to different teams including clubs, etc. They often forecast the probable conclusion of a tournament. Furthermore, Sports Analyst instructs sports instructors, provides assistance to staff members, and evaluates the opponent contestants.

#2. Sports Marketing

The task involves the marketing of sporting tournaments, events, leagues, etc. Further, the ensure ticket sales, TV advertising, Social Media advertising, etc.

#3. Sports Agent

Sports Agents are responsible for representing athletes to federations and teams. On behalf of the athlete, the agents arrange partnerships with the leagues or corporations. Also, they deal with their financial matters. Sports agents endorse athletes to various organizations and clubs.

#4. Sports Facility Management

The prime responsibility involves the managing of the diverse aspect sports venue, sports stadiums.

#5. EventCoordinating

The job includes drawing sponsorships for sporting events. Also, sports marketing, commodity sales (team jerseys, caps with the team’s logo, sports posters, etc.)

#6.Finance & Industry Operations

The task involves overseeing all accounting and monetary operations, ticket sales, organizing assortments from sponsorships, product sales, etc.

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#7. Sports Event Management

The responsibility involves the administration of multiple sporting tournaments and publicizing or promoting sports competitions.

#8. Sports Communication

The task comprises overseeing associations with the media and press. Additionally, the role involves sports journalism, sports commentary, etc.

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