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What do you think when you say interior design and interior decorating? These terms sound relatively synonymous yet there exists a vast difference between a task performed by a professional interior designer and the one done by an interior decorator. Interior design is not limited to decorating an interior space. It constitutes several factors such as balancing color schemes, specifying the lighting, placing an artwork in a perfect spot, positioning curtains, and modifying the entire furnishing of an interior within the given time and budget.

Besides, the interior designer should suggest the best possible design whilst focusing on the priority of the occupant. Despite everything, an interior designer is responsible for providing a visually pleasing space with the best functionality to the client. In short, interior design is about possessing the ideas and techniques to transform any ordinary spot into an incredible space. In this blog, we have collected some of the interior-design secrets that can help you upgrade your ideas to another level. So, let’s get started.

1. It’s not sinful to invest your hard-earned money in designer pieces:

As the saying goes, the older the better, the designer furniture only gets better as they get older. So, it’s well worth investing in one. Ancient pieces can not only add up to the charm of a space but also serve as an impressive focal point in a room. You can start with any antique pieces like an iconic lamp, chair, masterpiece, etc.

2. Dare to swatch your wall paint:

Your wall shade matters a lot in creating the tone of your space. So, before you oblige to any wall color, make sure to dye a swatch and observe how the color looks in different lights. For a mess-free technique, dye swatches on A3 size sheets and move them around during various hours of the day. This helps you examine how they appear in different sections of the room. Once you are satisfied, you can commit to that one that feels the best.

3. Pick a giant wall art:

To anyone with a good perception of art, it’s mostly a concept of “the bigger the better”. No number of small art collections can surpass the worth of a gigantic artwork. Oversized artwork can be the ultimate attention grabber in your room. You can place your prized possession in an empty wall for ultimate impact. Remember, it’s worth it.

4. Don’t throw out your home accessories, repeat them instead:

While accessorizing your interior, you can repeat shapes and subtly help your mind to understand space as a unified whole. Some of the varieties include a sofa, cushions, vases, round mirrors, coffee tables. So, before you splurge on everything new, pause for a while and think about what you can make out of what you already own!

5. Do decorate your floors:

Often, floors are forgotten while planning an interior design scheme. Before it’s too late to realize, know that a statement floor can be a stunning factor in the room. Customized flooring can generate striking outcomes and enhance the aura of the interior. While in the process to create a statement floor, make sure to combine balance, such as if your floor has bold patterns, make sure to create a neutral pattern throughout the rest.

6. Getting short of interior design ideas? Take inspiration from mother nature:

If you are dissatisfied even after spending hours searching for your dream scheme for your interiors online, then be cheer up! Weird as it may sound, but if you look around and observe, you will find inspiration everywhere. From soothing pastel greens to the glistening sands, from soothing blue skies to endless hues and tones of different seasons! Once you recognize these windfalls, you can never get tired of the ideas inspired by nature.

7. Construct a home for your comfort:

Last but not the least, to quote the pioneering Victorian interior designer William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. So, if there’s something you love, be it a piece of furniture, and painting, or an anthology, think of how best to work your technique around it. Antique pieces like these portray a cherished interior.

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