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Aman is a student of Media Science department at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. He was the first one to bring in the award for the college. Aman was selected to represent his college Inspiria Knowledge Campus a reputed event- ‘Spotlight’, which is the annual initiation of t2; ‘The Telegraph’ and ‘Neotia Getwell Healthcare Centre’ were the sponsors of this wonderful event. Aman Dugar with his confidence & intense look won the heart of judges in all the three rounds. Upasana Chettri, like lady luck complimented him over the ramp in all the rounds. Though he was getting a little nervy, still he managed to look confident & boosted in the stage. The most exciting moment was when the results were announced. Aman Dugar was judged the first runners-up, he rose to fame with this achievement & added another feather to Inspiria’s cap.

A boy born in Patna, came to Siliguri in the year 2000 when his dad decided to shift to Siliguri for business. He has always in the good books of teachers during the school and in college. Along with excellent academic results, he has been good at many sports. He went to Kota, Rajasthan for medical coaching and also cleared his medical entrance. He started pursuing his career in medicals but then the worst happened, his mother fell seriously ill, she had lung cancer due to which he had to take a harsh decision, that was to put a stop to his medical career as his mother did not want him to stay away from her. He came back to Siliguri and decided to do his graduation from here.

Aman with Upasana at Spotlight Fashion Event

“I am very interested in making friends but also very fast in selecting the good lot. I like things to be tidy and well managed and believe that everything can be achieved with hard work and consistency. I don’t put my head into everything but try to give the best results in whatever I do because I believe that doing just “good” is useless in today’s era.”

“My aim in life is not just to be a rich man but a good handsome rich man.”

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