The B Sc course in Multimedia and Animation offers the right challenge to create tech savvies

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So wide is the field of multimedia and animation and so diverse are its applications that one does not know where to begin while discussing its career prospects. From cartoon animation and filming to television program graphics, from highly interactive dynamic web pages to street corner electronic display, from advertisement to cinema – everywhere multimedia/animation is used for enriching media content.

Little wonder then courses in animation and multimedia have become the trend today.

The field of Multimedia deals with the display and management of computer-generated text, graphics, images (both still and video), graphics and animation. The chief advantage of multimedia technology is its transmission/representation on a digital platform, unlike conventional media. Text, images, graphics, animation, audio and video converge into a single form to deliver the content via a single channel. Not only is the users’ experience enriched, but greater clarity and ease of comprehension is affected.

We are happy to announce that Inspiria Knowledge Campus will introduce B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation and Graphics Design in the next academic calendar starting July 2018. Students will be trained in website development software like Cascading Style Sheet or the Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. They would also be taught design techniques using multimedia technology.

Students who are keen to work in the media entertainment and technology arena will find this undergraduate degree course quite useful. They will develop scope to work in the media sector that includes television, film studies, video production, journalism, computer animation and interactive media. The interdisciplinary programme stresses upon emerging trends, technologies and standard methods of managing media.

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And the career options are many! They include:

  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Software
  • Developer/Programmer IT
  • Support/Helpdesk
  • On-line publishing (editorial/design)
  • Multimedia Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Creative Media
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Product development
  • Market Research
  • Public relations
  • Media analysis
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Digital Film and video editing
  • Game designing
  • Graphics Designing

In a fast transforming world where change is the only thing constant, the above fields offer challenging career options for those who always want to be part of the new. For those with that decisive create edge, this is the UG course to bank upon.

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