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BBA Full Form: BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA is a 3-year undergraduate degree course which is widely anticipated professional degree ideal for the students that are seeking to build their career in business, Govt. sectors, educational institutions, and for an entrepreneurship.
For a decade, the course has been greatly improved as it catered multiple expectations of various industries. Such as managerial, administrative tasks, as well as human resources operations.

The objective of the BBA Course

The BBA degree course aims to provide key aspects of business knowledge and professional ethics to the learners. The practicals, assignments, and internship render the industry knowledge. The curriculum of the BBA Course has been drafted by the industry leaders and experts, which is done so with a purpose to enhance a learner’s perspective on entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership. BBA Course intends to instill the most valuable practical and theoretical skills that help in the overall development of the students.

BBA subjects of study

BBA Degree Course is strategized to cover the basics or the fundamentals of the Business Management which would be much value if you intend to attain the higher learning programs like MBA, PGDM, etc. The BBA subjects comprise of Principles of Management, Introduction to Operations Research, Business Mathematics & Statistics, Financial & Management Accounting, Business Economics, Production & Material Management, Marketing Management, Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, Communication & Personality Development, etc.

BBA Course Admission and Eligibility

To pursue the BBA Degree course a candidate should pass 10+2 from any stream with at least 45% marks in boards with English as one of the core subjects. BBA Course admission is based on the entrance examinations held every year. The MCQ BBA entrance test evaluates the English Language, Reasoning Ability, and Quantitative Skills in candidates.

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Importance of BBA Course

BBA Course holds an immense importance in the business domain. It is not limited to business alone but works on building a suitable personality in a candidate. Here’s a list that explains the importance of BBA Course.

1. BBA Course is a career-oriented degree

Due to the in-depth and vast nature of the course, BBA graduates are highly demanded in the corporate and the business world. BBA graduates can directly get into a good post in the corporate domain. As a BBA grad, you can choose from multiple careers that are suited for you as per the degree and training you’ve earned.

2. BBA is a generic course

Unlike some other courses, BBA has a diverse range of opportunities. Being generic in nature, it does not refrain you from taking up other courses for the higher studies. If you’re a BBA grad, you can opt for Journalism, Finance, Marketing, HR Course. If none of these, you can start your own business to become an entrepreneur.

3. BBA is an industry centered course

You don’t need to get an MBA degree if you aspire to be an important part of the business world or planning for a startup. BBA course is strategized to cater the extensive basic knowledge regarding the business management and it can land you a job in reputed organizations in a managerial post or administrative post. The course renders an in-depth study of operating a business.

4. Career opportunities in all sectors

BBA Course brings you a limitless career in both private and Govt. sectors. With a BBA degree, one can land a career in a good post in any filed, be it business, education, NGO’s, etc. Besides, one can get a lucrative job in national and global organizations. The course is framed in such a way that it helps candidates specialize in various roles in finance, international business, human resource management, etc.

5. BBA course for the entrepreneurship

Students who have never thought of working under the corporate pressure but rather aspire for a startup can pick BBA course. The entire semesters in BBA Course comprises practicals, assignments, industrial tours, internships, and activities that will strengthen the qualities of an aspiring entrepreneur. BBA course further aims at developing the personality, communication skills, strategic planning and thinking abilities in a candidate.

BBA course is the ideal course for the ones that seek to build their career in the business domain, corporate firm or, planning for a startup. As this course equips the candidates with a profound knowledge and skills for the modern working atmosphere.

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