BCA Vs BTech

BCA Vs BTech – Students having interest & fascination in computer technology are often confused between which one to opt for among BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application) and B.Tech (Bachelors in Technology). We at Inspiria Knowledge Campus have tried to help the students in clearing their doubts and confusion by doing a comparatively study and analysis of both the courses.

1. Course Duration:

BCA saves one year as Syllabus of BCA is more or less same as B.Tech. The difference is only in the 1st year where B.Tech does engineering sciences- mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. BCA syllabus does not include electronic paper I, II & III during 2nd , 3rd & 4th Year.

BCA = {2nd year of B.Tech + 3rd year of B.Tech + 4th year of B.Tech (Excluding Electronics – paper I,II & III).


B.Tech = (1st year Engineering Sciences + 2nd year – B.Tech + 3rd year – B.Tech + 4th year B.Tech).

2. Job Prospects:

Industry scope/Job placement sectors- are same for both BCA as well B. Tech.

The hiring of BCA: TCS, Insync, Wipro etc.</ br>
The hiring of B.Tech: TCS, Insync, Wipro etc.

Bottom Line: The companies who recruit B.Tech candidates are the same that recruits BCA candidates.


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3. Employability Skills:

BCA – Ready for the industry in 3 years. Whereas, B.Tech – Ready for the industry in 4 years.
BCA – Industry experience and exposure will always be more then B.Tech. As a matter of fact that BCA joins/enters the industry before B.Tech, BCA will have more experience of the industry standards than a B.Tech.

4. Scope for Masters:

BCA can also do M.Tech after completion of MCA, (one aspires). This proves there is not much of difference between both the courses. BCA is under the UGC standards whereas, B.Tech is under the AICTE standards.

Thus, the choice of BCA and MCA or B.Tech depends on the background (commerce, arts or science) and satisfaction of eligibility conditions by a student. BCA can be done by science, commerce as well as art (maths) background students. Whereas B.Tech can be opted by only Science background students.

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