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Do you believe in yourself? Most people confuse self-belief with arrogance, over-confidence and pride. While the latter tendencies must be abhorred, one can never afford to lose his/her self-belief in the process. We live in an age where most people have lost their capacities to believe in anything, it is rare to find somebody believing in himself. However, for success in life self-belief is a must!

We remember a young man from Siliguri who worked in the middle management team of a renowned tourism company in Kolkata. The salary/perks were good and the going was great. It was then that he received an offer from a rival company which offered him a substantial hike and a position higher up in the ladder. Most people would have given a serious thought to the offer. The young man did not. Most of his friends and acquaintances thought he had let a good opportunity go, but the man did not think so. He knew he would do much better in his present company. He believed in his ability to perform and deliver. The man worked really hard and his labour brought fruit. His contribution was appreciated. Three years later he ended up as a director in the company!

The above story shows why self-belief is so important in enhancing the “employability” quotient in an employee. Self-belief can come only with commitment and dedication. If you are not really serious about the company you are working for, you would not have self-belief.

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An employee is expected to put forward his ideas, opinions and suggestions on various aspects of the organization. He can do so only if he has the belief that he can do it. Self-belief helps him to fight through any situation within the organization and implement his ideas fearlessly. It also gives him courage to argue and stress on his ideas or point of view even if it makes things difficult for him within the organization. It is people with such honesty and courage that an organization needs.

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