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For the majority, YouTube is an entertainment platform for watching and uploading videos. From its first ever video uploaded on 23 April 2015, called ‘Me at the Zoo’, to the streaming HD videos of our modern times, YouTube has radically evolved. From the latest music videos to the controversial historical contents, from wildlife to the universe, from food & beverages to traveling, sports, etc., YouTube has become the exclusive hub for accessing and streaming contents based on your preferred genre.

The most accessed platform after Google, YouTube extends free accessibility to a host of subject materials. Such as – latest gadgets, politics, new products, insight into the life of prominent personalities, etc. About hundred-hour videos are uploaded every second on YouTube.

Apart from being an entertainment platform, YouTube wins as an easy and the largest learning platform. It is easily and freely accessible to anyone with access to the internet. The advantages of YouTube as a learning tool are endless. From the nursery rhymes to unboxing the latest gadget, from ‘how to’ tutorials to inspirational talks like Goalcast, TedTalks, etc. If you’re one amongst the hundreds who have enrolled in a degree program, you must have already noticed the difference between school life and college life. Unlike the school days, college life offers you certain freedoms. Such as the freedom of choosing the subjects as per your career bent. But, the cycle of learning and development persists, even if life at college changes radically.

Apart from supplementing your qualifications with a degree, the college life brings you a step closer to your aspired end. Thus, college is crucial for developing your skills and strengths. A proper career counseling tips, career development including personality development programs, industry learning programs, they all play a major role in becoming what you are when you graduate. Apart from the manual guidance, there is an endless number of online tutorials that suffice to the requirements of the college-going students. The technological innovation like YouTube renders a prompt solution to every doubts and query. Be it education, career, life, etc.

So, if you’re looking for some helpful sites that can help you develop yourself and change the way you look at life? Here is the list of top 9 helpful YouTube channels for college students for obtaining guidance and tutorials whenever, wherever possible.

1. CrashCourse

Joined On: 19 May 2006
Remarks: Over 1,086,221,796 views

Do you often find your subject too difficult than you thought it to be? If you find yourself academically staggering behind and your grades fall despite the efforts you put in, don’t fret! CrashCourse is where you can confide in. Even if you want to learn a subject that is entirely new to you, CrashCourse is the ideal place to rely on. Their courses involve computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, games, astronomy, world history, physiology & anatomy, sociology, economics, sociology, literature, psychology, politics, mythology, U.S Government & Politics, U.S history, etc.


2. Improvement Pill

Joined On: 27 Nov 2015
Remarks: Over 66,068,689 views

John C. Maxwell said, “If you want something in your life to change, then you’ll have to change your choices and actions. That is because doing the same thing will never get you different results.”
The name itself says much about the course. Improvement Pill is the best one for developing your reasoning power and the way you look at things, situations, and more as such. The channel conveys significant ideas to the ones who are willing to bring a change in their lives. Each video is created with a purpose to motivate, inspire, and teach you things that can bring a better change in your life. The content is basically focused on inspiring and equipping you with self-improvement ideas.


3. Charisma on Command

Joined On: 17 Mar 2014
Remarks: Over 212,093,241 views

Charisma on Command is primarily about becoming more confident and charismatic. The tutorials provided during the videos can help you develop skills that can help you in the long run. The videos mostly involve – how to be more likable, how to make people laugh, etc. The videos are mostly about the topics that revolve around everything thing relevant to manifesting charisma. The topic often deals about maintaining the relationship alive with the positive appeal and build new ones by being confident and by keeping your charismatic traits growing.


4. Primed

Joined On: 15 Jan 2017
Remarks: Over 27,714,860 views

Do you want to be successful in all that you do? Do you always want to stay motivated? Primed is a prompt solution. The channel helps you to improve yourself in all aspect of life. Such as physically, mentally, and financially. Primed provides guidance for taking small steps for radical change and improvement. The channel aims to help you optimize your perspectives so that you can stay primed in everything that you strive for.


5. Inspiria

Joined On: 1 Nov 2013
Remarks: Over 4,616,582 views

Inspiria strives to help students obtain quick, helpful, and result oriented solutions to their doubts and queries. Right from the exams solutions to choosing the right career path, from mental health to the topics generating awareness, Inspiria covers a wide variety of topics that exceeds beyond the academics. The channel seeks to provide a better insight into the various aspects of life. The significant topics like fighting depression, environmental awareness, etc., are crucial for the youths of our generation. Managed by a non-profit management college & charitable trust, the channel aims to render the needed career guidance to the youths, provide quality education even to the underprivileged, and ensure their employability.


6. TED

Joined On: 6 Dec 2006
Remarks: Over 1,475,403,991 views

The best videos from TED Talks and Conference are featured in TED Channel. The audience gets to see the world’s leading thinkers, doers, and accomplished personalities addressing the inspiring talk of their journey towards success in 18 minutes or, less. If you’re going through a rough phase or browsing something that can cheer you up, and further change your perspectives towards your problems, switch to TED channel. Here, you can get talks regarding business, global issues, science, technology, arts, design, entertainment and similar other.


7. PragerU

Joined On: Jun 10, 2009
Remarks: Over 739,455,043 views

PragerU promotes knowledge of life’s biggest and interesting topics. The channel renders clarity on the same. The channel meets the world’s best thinkers and extracts their valuable ideas into 5 minutes video. The topic could be anything varying from history to science, happiness, economics and so on. Apart from your chosen subject, you can learn a lot about other interesting topics worth your time and attention.


8. The School of Life

Joined On: 18 May 2010
Remarks: Over 429,226,596 views

The Channel “The School of Life” strives to help us understand ourselves. The channel aims to foster emotional well-being, our relationships, social lives, and our career. The channel seeks to help us make out your free time and find our peace. The things that you’re never taught in schools, universities, or professional domains, are taught here. Most of us experience failures and often fail to comprehend the situation that we go through and college life can be one of such phases. The school of life helps you to make reliable decisions, particularly concerning your career and relationships.


9. How to Adult

Joined On: Jan 18, 2014
Remarks: Over 9,235,353 views

‘How to Adult’ is one of the best channels to keep an eye on. This one’s again one of the channels that cover the topics that are never taught in the classrooms. The channel exclusively features monthly “adult worries”. Such as employment, relationship, mental health, finances, housing, cleaning, taxing, etc. The channel strives to render a wide variety of topics to the audience. The videos featured in ‘how to adult’ and ‘CrashCourse’ are formed and styled in a similar manner. Such as – the duration of the videos lasting for about 10- 15 minutes, replete information, easy to understand, entertaining yet insightful.


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