Top Career Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry

If you are planning to build a career in the hospitality industry, you really should identify your key strengths and skills like, how you can fit and thrive in this rapidly expanding sector, etc. The hospitality industry holds endless opportunities. From foods and accommodations services to the nightlife and tourism, the job even includes meeting and working with the exciting people to traveling to new places. The hospitality industry is one of the work domains with high paying opportunities. Therefore, to help you figure out the best job, we are enlisting the top 10 career opportunities in the hospitality industry.

1. Hotel general manager

The responsibilities of a hotel general manager involve everything from the administration and financial issues of the property. Hotel general manager should also ensure standards for staff management and execution, publicity, service to clients, advertising, food selection, accommodation prices, etc.

2. Restaurant Manager

The responsibility of a restaurant manager involves drafting the sales plans, training and hiring the managers and staffs. A restaurant manager should look after the efficient running of the property and conduct the works of the staffs like front desk, stewards, cooks, and the cleaning staffs. A bachelor’s degree in hotel and hospitality management is required for the position. Basically, the restaurant managers in the super luxury and fine dining get promoted to general managers in the future.

3. Food and Beverage Manager

Food and Beverage Manager are responsible for planning the menu for food and beverage in a hotel, restaurant, casino, etc. Apart from planning the menu, food and beverage manager should also take care of the budgeting, coordinating the special events, marketing foods, and beverage products. A bachelor’s degree with some experience is required for the job.

4. Event Manager/Coordinator

Event Coordinator is responsible for planning conferences and special functions that comprise the management of facilities and comforts, deal discussion, negotiation, and budgeting. Standard event manager jobs need a bachelor’s degree and at least a few years of practice in the profession.

5. Executive/Head Chef

The Responsibilities of the Executive/Head Chef involve managing and looking after the entire kitchen activity. The job incorporates drafting the kitchen and service staff handling, managing proper use of excess food and leftovers, keep a record for the demand of different dishes, estimate the food consumption by the guests, checking and tasting the taste and the quality of the cooked dishes, preparation of the special dishes and new recipes, etc.

6. Housekeeping Head

A housekeeping head in a property is responsible for regulating the everyday services of a hotel, spa, resort, or a casino’s housekeeping duties and service unit. Standard housekeeping head jobs require pleasing and cheerful personality, sound knowledge in sustaining the comforts and conveniences of the clients, and industry experience.

7. Chief Sommelier

The primary responsibility of a sommelier of a wine waiter not only involve serving wines but also engage the guests in the intricate techniques of making wine. The chief sommeliers even bestow their fine and incredible knowledge they possess with the diners and clients. Chief Sommelier is one of the highest paying jobs in the hospitality industry due to characteristics and knowledge associated in this position.

8. Casino Property General Manager

Casino Property General Manager involves handling all rounds of the casino including administration, client service, and staffing. Standard casino property general manager jobs need a bachelor’s degree and some experience in the department. In a casino, there is no clear path to be a casino property general manager. You should also have sound knowledge in casino resort maintenance, entertainment, food and beverage, gatherings, and customer service management.

9. Catering Manager

Catering Manager is responsible for planning and executing food and beverage service facilities for various events. The responsibility further involves training and executing the duty to catering staffs, helping with the menu choice and dispatching the need of the clients to the staffs. A candidate with a bachelor’s degree in hotel management with some experience in the field are preferred in the role.

10. Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew or Flight attendants who are generally known as air hostesses or hosts, etc get under this division. The responsibility and the job of cabin crew are extremely challenging. The perks and salary in this profession are unlimited. However, you are expected to be flexible with the relocation and the working hours. The profession of a cabin crew is ideal for those that have an interest in traveling and meeting with the new people, working in a diverse and glamorous culture.

11. Customer Service Manager

A Customer Service Manager’s responsibility involves motivating and leading the entire staff and ensure the best customer service from their end. Customer Service Manager should also be well aware of the organization’s policies and be able to address it t the staff members. The role further comprises recruiting staffs, building good customer relations, doing appraisals, seek and execute client requests, training & development, organizing promotional events, etc.

12. Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers are assigned with the responsibility to assure the whole management, evaluation, and coordination of human resources strategies and arrangements. Their primary work duties involve controlling, planning, organizing, executing the works of the HR department. They contribute and to the improvement of rules, aims, and systems in an organization.

13. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager’s role involves boosting marketing goals based on past achievement and business foresight. They approve creative development for promotional elements, advertisements, website contents, and all the marketing related schemes. They also research and analyze the market trends, improves marketing tactics as demanded in response to feedback from customers.

14. Tour Operator

Tour operators are responsible for ensuring a positive travel experience o the travelers by giving hands-on support and planning travel & tours programs. Tour Operator create plans and arrangements, gathering venues and major attractions to provide holiday trips for individuals, couples, and groups. They supervise entire needed conveniences of traveling be it hotels, transportation, food, activities, ticketing, and even drafting the travel itineraries as per the traveler’s preferences.

15. Travel Agency Manager

Travel Agency Manager helps tourists choose, plan and organize their holiday as per their budget, destination, days of travel, etc. They also assist people by giving them best-needed advice and alternatives on choosing a place of travel, attractions, events, cultural fests, etc. Their responsibility further involves recruiting, training and supervising staff, dealing with customer queries and complaints, maintaining statistical and financial records, selling holidays and insurance, providing advice about visas or passports, etc.

16. Travel Journalist

Freelance travel journalists, writer, bloggers can earn a hefty amount by marketing their travel stories to various travel-related publications, businesses, websites, and corporations. They can get a contract to write for various magazines and organizations once they pitch the book, article, or script ideas to publishers. Their work can range from writing for multiple topics that are related to the hospitality industry, be it travel, hotel, food, adventure, international events, cultures, various destinations, etc.

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