Radio jockey as a career option after 12th: Career guidance

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From the heydays of ‘All India Radio’ and ‘Aakashvaani’ to the phenomenal and happening FM Radio Channels of today, the world of Radio Industry has advanced a long way. Albeit the inception of TV and the internet hit the popularity of the Radio Industry, the origin of the FM Radio and the private channels instilled a brand-new life to the radio industry.

Today, Radio Jockey as a career has emerged to a great degree with the rise in Radio Industry. From the trending Bollywood story to the cricket scores, from the latest news to the classical & the latest music, Radio Jockeys of the contemporary radio industry has reached to the millions of listeners through the airwaves of FM Radio.

Radio Jockeying is the only position in which you get recognition by your voice. It’s a fulfilling and exciting career prospect for those that love entertaining the listeners by speaking, playing music, broadcasting the messages in a most delightful and charming style. The role of the radio jockeys also involves manage contests, broadcasting the audio advertisements, fulfilling the request of the listeners, provide information regarding traffic, weather, movies, music, events, interview guests, and so on. Each successful Radio Jockey has their own personality and way of communicating with the audience. Apart from the excellent communication skills and a good voice, an RJ should be equally spontaneous, open, friendly, and dynamic.

Radio Jockey Course: Eligibility and Career Guidelines

If you aspire to build a career in the radio industry, then radio Jockey as a career will entirely serve your pursuit. The ability to connect and interact with the audience, a good sense of humor, and the ability to keep up with and to operate the latest technology are just a few crucial factors that make a good radio jockey. You should keep on observing how the people in the actual Radio Jockeying profession host the show, manage the calls, interact with the callers and listeners, how they react to the tricky and annoying topics, questions, and comments. You should frequently listen to the radio and should try to come up with creative and unique ideas.

In India, there are many institutions that provide Diploma & Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying. The required qualification to pursue the RJ course is 10+2. Candidates who have qualified 12th from any recognized educational board and stream are eligible to apply for the RJ Course.

The job profile of a Radio Jockey varies from one to the other. Such as FM radio jockeys, Sports talk Radio Jockeys, Talk Radio Jockeys and Satellite Radio Jockeys. Skills Required to be a successful RJ involve- comforting voice, voice modulation, command over the language and vocabulary, good sense of humor, knowledge regarding the trending topics, mimicry, confidence, pleasant and friendly attitude, expressive, creativity, uniqueness, etc.

Radio Jockey as a profession demands a lot of hard work, dedication, and presence of mind. The ones with innovative concepts, unique approach to entertain and interact with the public and the ones interested in the profession are preferred in the radio industry. Radio Jockey as a profession is lucrative, entertaining, and worthwhile.

All India Radio, Radio City, Radio Wani, Radio Misty, Radio Star, Red FM, Radio High, Times FM, Radio Mid-day are to name a few prominent industries to begin your career.

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