Career Scope for BBA Entrepreneurship Graduates

BBA in Entrepreneurship is a three-year undergraduate degree course that focuses specifically on the art of entrepreneurship. The aim is to turn students into good entrepreneurs or businessmen. A good entrepreneur should be able to convert innovations into economically viable goods and services.

Mere theoretical knowledge will fail to acquaint students with the real world scenario. The gap between run-on-the mill college education and practical business reality is significant. A degree in entrepreneurship also includes internships in business organizations where students are exposed to real world transactions that complement theoretical inputs. As a result when a promising young entrepreneur begins to start his or her own business venture, he or she is already familiar with the terrain that they are going to encounter, thanks to the BBA (Entrepreneurship) course.

A degree course in entrepreneurship hones the business skills of students to groom them into successful entrepreneurs who can handle start-ups as well as fit in smoothly in established businesses. For young men and women looking to become successful entrepreneurs – this course is the right answer. BBS Entrepreneurship graduates can also join the industry as entrepreneurship professionals and work in various capacities such as:-

Financial Planner: In start –up businesses, judiciously managing finance is the biggest challenge as the organization is new. Simply put, the Financial Planner formulates the start-up firm’s investment strategies to achieve its strategic goals, vision and objectives. Unlike the Professional Accountant, the Financial Planner looks forward, not backward. In the world of startups, a good Financial Planner can enable a company with no revenue to achieve huge valuations from its skillfully planned projected future earnings.

Strategic Manager for Business Diversification: In India, till recently most family owned businesses suffered from one problem – business stagnancy. Not only were the operations a long term exercise in monotonous repetition, the minds that guided traditional business were stagnant too. No more. Business attitudes have undergone sea changes in the country in the last two decades and new ideas driving business innovation. Now younger generations have learnt that to diversify and grow by making optimum use of business assets is the only way forward. Great business start-ups such as OYO or Zomato were the products of highly spirited business minds that tried to break new grounds. The Strategic Manager constitutes one of the core think-tanks who contribute to the creative stimulus of business start-ups and guise new ventures towards the road of success.

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Liaison Professionals with Regulatory Bodies: As new laws, regulations, and other compliance orders are introduced by the government, the need for more visible and strategic management of a firm’s complex regulatory relationships arose. Today most companies have a post of Liaison Professionals with Regulatory Bodies or Regulatory Liaison Officer (RLO) sometimes referred to as Regulatory Affairs Officer or Head of Regulatory Relations, etc.

The organization’s RLO acts on behalf of executive management and the board of directors as a central point of contact with government regulators. The RLO functions as trusted Liaison Officer for all matters related to government regulatory compliance. In a business start-up, the function of the RLO is all the more significant as all the initial regulatory frameworks related to incorporation have to be carefully complied with.

Risk Managers / Risk Assesors: Risk is an inalienable component of all businesses. These include market volatility, widespread economic changes, geopolitical crises, regulatory reforms among others. The Risk Managers primary task is recognize and mitigate theses risks as efficiently as possible. For a start-up entrepreneur the need to identify and manage risks is all the more vital, as start-ups can ill afford to absorb failures. The start-up firm has to tackle the risk of buying the right product from the right vendor at the right price, constantly enhance his understanding of customer preferences to deliver the right product at the right time to the right customer. The Risk Manager designs the risk-mitigating framework in a way to ensure successful marketability of the product in the face of all odds.

Valuation Experts: Faced with the prospect of raising capital for a start-up venture, the first thing that the start-up venture must do is to determine the prospective company’s worth. Start-ups begin with little or no revenue or profits face uncertain futures. In such a scenario the task of determining the valuation of the start-up is a challenging one. Start-up valuation is more of an art than a science. The Valuation Expert undertakes the complex task of assigning a value or net worth to a start-up company.

Thus we can see that BBA in Entrepreneurship offers exciting job prospects as well in addition to training a young student to evolve as a promising entrepreneur. There are in fact opportunities galore as being a specialization course, it adds the cutting edge to your Curriculum Vitae.

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