Difference Between BBA General & BBA Entrepreneurship

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The main difference between BBA (General) and BBA (Entrepreneurship) is the simple fact that the first is a general graduate degree course in Management while the other focuses on a specialized area of Management viz. Entrepreneurship. In the face of growing technological advancement and increasingly diversified and complex business operations, a focus on specialized areas right from the undergraduate level is becoming more and more relevant.
There are several specialised areas in management such as finance, management acountancy, corporate law,human resourse management among others. A new exciting area of specialization today under management studies is ‘Entrepreneurship’.

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BBA General is the normal BBA course offered by the colleges and universities. It deals with the management and marketing development skills and thus gives the student a basic idea about the corporate world.

BBA Entrepreneurship gives the student a more clear idea about running an organisation of his/her. Students aiming to start their own startups can learn a lot from these course that will help them to execute with their business idea.
BBA (Entrepreneurship) focuses chiefly on developing Entrepreneurship skills. The course will teach you how to start a business, manage difficulties you are going to face in the business and how to react when you encounter them.

BBA General teaches the following aspects of business management

• Business Organisation
• Marketing Management
• Human Resourse Management
• Business Laws
• Business Mathematics & Statistics
• Accountancy
• Corporate Affairs

BBA (Entrepreneurship) on the other hands focuses on:-

• Succesfully executing start-ups
• Identifying and evaluating innovative ideas with adequate business potential
• Critically assessing new ventures
• Identifying areas of interest in investors for creating entrepreneurship possibiities
• Generate ideas for diversified operations among existing successful firms
• Inculcate the moral and ethical values of entrepreneurship.
• Develop creativity and understand development.

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