CBSE News Latest: Important Details Regarding The Rescheduled CBSE Class 10 & 12 Board Exams

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on 2nd June (Tuesday) officially published a statement regarding the rescheduled pending board exams. The Board on their previous notification confirmed the dates for the pending class 10 and 12 examinations. The finalized or the dates confirmed are from. 1st of July till 15th July 2020. As the country continues to undergo the worst blow of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CBSE officials have decided to communicate some important announcements regarding the forthcoming board exams. Here’s what you need to know.

#1. Examination to be conducted in respective schools: The rescheduled board exams will be conducted in respective schools instead of the prior allotted centers.

#2. Change of examination center by the candidates: In respect of the candidate’s residence or if the said have shifted to a different district or a state, the board will allow change of examination venue.

#3. Nodal examination center: One school affiliated to CBSE will be appointed as a nodal examination center in each state. The nodal examination center will be allowed for the candidates who have requested for the change in the exam venue or who are dwelling in different districts or might have shifted or emigrated from a different state.

#4. Condition for changing examination center: CBSE will approve the change of examination venue on the following grounds:
For regular candidates:
a. Candidates who were residing in hostels.
b. Candidates who are sponsored by state governments,
c. Candidates who have shited to other districts of India (away from the institution).

For private candidates:

Candidates who have shifted from the district of their institution to some other district in India are also eligible to make a request for the change of examination venue.

#5. Change in the same district to be unauthorized: The request for the change of examination venue in the same district will not be permitted.

#6. No change of center to be permitted in NCT (Delhi): Change of examination is not permitted in NCT of Delhi. The reason being NCT is considered as one district.

#7. Condition for getting approval for change in examination venue: The board will permit the change in the examination venue only in the districts where the applicant has shited to has CBSE affiliated schools. Whereas, in the absence of CBSE affiliated schools in the region will reject the request for the change of examination venue.

#8. Conditions for the private, second chance compartment candidates, visually impaired, additional subjects, female candidates of NCT in Delhi, including Patrachar Vidyalaya Candidates: All the mentioned who have not shifted from their district should appear for the examination from the previously designated centers where they have appeared for their papers till 18.03. 2020.

admission open

#9. No exam to be held in containment ones: CBSE will not conduct board exams in containment zones (both in India and abroad) in observance of the restrictions imposed by the government of India. The result will be declared based on the evaluation scheme enacted by the Board.

#10. Board to announce the results for the excluded papers: The Board has also decided to declare the results for the excluded subjects. The evaluation will be done as per the assessment scheme enacted by the board.

#11. Assessment scheme for the un-abled: The result for the children with special needs will be declared as per the board’s assessment scheme. Candidates availing the facility of scribe and who do not wish to appear for the exams due to social distancing norms will be exempted.

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#12. Final date to remain unchanged: As per the Board, the last date for any activity will not be altered under any circumstances.

#13. Change of center permitted only for once: Candidates once opted for the change of examination venue will be put forth only once. No change will be allowed thereafter.

#14. Rescheduled exam to be conducted only once: No request will be entertained for the request for the re-conduct of CBSE Board exams on any grounds.

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