CBSE Board Exams 2022 Class 12th: 5 Benefits of Solving Previous Year Questions Papers

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With CBSE exams just around the corner, it is only ideal that students are going through a rigorous revision period. One of the most widely used revision methods is solving previous year questions. Class 12th students are always advised to practice previous year questions because according to experts, CBSE repeats it’s questions not annually but questions from important topics and concepts are seen almost every 2,3 or 5 years. Which means you will definitely secure marks for the questions you practiced. Apart from just securing these marks there are a lot of other benefits that comes from practising previous year question papers


It has been proven time and again that solving previous year questions makes you see your real progress. Once you close the book and start solving a question paper you start realizing where you stand with the syllabus. This way you create more room for improvement. Solve a paper, note your mistakes, study, go through the concept once again, solve the same question paper again until you score a hundred percent. After that move on to the next question paper and repeat the same. It’s a great tool for self assessment.

Time Management

Time management is one of the things which exam givers struggle with a lot. Keeping track of the time during an exam is extremely hard since you are too focused on solving the paper. This is where previous year questions come in handy. While practicing previous year questions you can practice time management as well. With every solved paper you will be familiar with your weaknesses and strengths. Divide time likewise, and practice other papers by using that method of time allotment.

Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

Practicing previous papers introduces CBSE board examination givers to the exam pattern. They also go through with the marking scheme of the paper which helps a lot when solving the real paper. It helps the students divide the question paper according to the marks allotted which makes management of time and scoring a lot easier.


With every solved paper, you grow confident. It is because you become used to solving those problems. The scary lengthy questions look more familiar and easy now because you have practiced it so much. You become more aware of your weaknesses and continuously strive to overcome them. All these results in making you more confident to write the paper.


One of the major help it provides is in planning your studies. As it has been said that, by trying to solve previous year problems you become mindful of your doubts (weaknesses) and strengths. Once you identify the concepts and topics you are weak at, you can plan your routine accordingly.

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