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College days are the transition phase, that constant irreversible phase where you evolve to an adult from an adolescent. Perhaps that the reason why, the graduating phase brings with it a gamut of “bitter-sweet” experiences and memories. Commonly interpreted or related to the terms like ‘best-days’ or, ‘once in a lifetime kinda experiences’, college days stands as an exceptional stage of life. The graduating period of 3 to 4 years not only calls for fun and freedom but also induces lifelong learning by exposing you towards broader and greater aspects of life. Thus, when you graduate, you won’t be receiving just a degree but you will grow mature with time, age, and life experiences.

Oftentimes, the reality of college life fails to match our preconceived notions and standards. Whereas in reality, we fail to realize that even this phase holds the moments of “highs and lows”, “gaiety and blues”, and a string of uncertainties. So, at some points, we succumb to odds and tend to get swept away in ignorance even for the minor things.

College life, ideally is a sequence of a transformation, learning, and even a vulnerable phase. Therefore, even as an adult, you need someone to look up to, be it for guidance, moral support, and motivation when you need it. Majority nowadays turn on to their smartphones and the internet for help. So, if you haven’t graduated yet, here’s what you shouldn’t miss! Because this blog covers a list of things that people rarely tells you while you are in college.

Try new things.

College is the time where you need to develop and keep an open mind. don’t hesitate to try new things! Whether it’s a new adventure activity or signing up for singing or dancing class, learning a foreign language, joining a theatre group, college debate club or sports club, performing in an annual fest! Try out things that are entirely new to you or never got an opportunity during the school days. You never know when you will discover your new passion and discover your hidden potential in the process.

Learn to keep a budget.

You know, it’s hard to resist the idea of eating out with friends rather than eating the regular meal at the dining hall. But, don’t splurge your money just because your classmates do. Since college days are not easy, you surely need to treat yourself. However, you need to identify the delicate line between treating yourself and splurging your money. If you develop the habit of managing your expenses, it will help you through life.

Befriend your professors.

Oftentimes, students are intimidated when the professors are around. Thus, the majority try to avoid meeting with them so, they even try to keep a distance from them as much as they can. Remember, your professors are there to guide you. Befriending a professor is a great way to get a better direction. Be it concerning the study tips, higher studies, and anything relevant to the subject that you are pursuing. Besides, your professors can be of great help to you for good references for an ideal career in your desired domain.

Cramming is unacceptable.

Keeping the notes for the last-minute cramming? No, you can’t. There is no way you can cram a bunch of 8 pages answers overnight. In college, you should devote your time in early preparation. So, once you are in college, you need to give up those notions of studying overnight for the tests and ace it the next day. For the test, give yourself at least 3 days for a chapter and months for the entire subject.

Get actively involved.

Your college experiences are greatly developed by your involvement and interaction in your campus community. Ensure to keep yourself actively involved in activities. Join or form student organization, audition for a play, sign up for debate, attend club fairs and meetings. Volunteer for campaigns organized by your college, apply for on-campus jobs. In case, if you find yourself displeased and unsatisfied, consider changing the way you are related.

It’s Okay to do things on your own.

It’s great that you have a nice circle of friends. No matter how strong your bond is, sometimes it is completely okay or reasonable to do things on your own. Whether it is studying, attending a club meeting that your friends aren’t involved in, going to the dining hall on your own, or staying in when friends are going out! College time is not just about hanging out with friends. Knowing yourself is fairly or more important.

Do, Google.

It’s not possible to get all the answers to your curiosity from your friends or mentors. However, that does not mean you should stop trying to find the answers. Be curious and question everything better. If you have doubts or lack concept regarding your course subject or anything, just Google it! Read, explore, learn, get wiser.

Finish what you start.

College is the peak moment for embracing and developing good habits. Your career and following life depend on the choices that you make during this period. And your choices eventually are influenced by the habits that you develop as a growing adult. Right from starting a small task and finishing it within a specific time, learn develop the sense of commitment and responsibility as an individual. The good habits and traits that you inculcate during your college days will help you in your career and the rest of your days.

You are worth more than your grade!

Steal time for yourself. Whether it’s your hobby or your health, your desire for a vacation or visiting an old age home, it could be anything crazy like gazing the stars or shouting from the top of a mountain, just go for it! Your grades always aren’t everything but You – your physical, spiritual and mental health is. So, whenever, you feel the need for a break from all the pressure, take a break for rejuvenation. Your well being is important for the overall growth of your academic and social life that you have in your college.

College Life is not a competition

The majority knows what “favoritism” is! It’s completely okay if you’re not the department topper, or your professor’s fitting pet, favorite. It’s okay if your grades fall at test. Strive again and you will surely make it through. Not everyone is born genius, hard work and determination will help you transcend.
Never succumb to pressure. Cheer Up and avoid overstressing that will again call for depression. Don’t overlook on yourself, for your worth is never measured based on scores that you get on the tests and exams. So, take time, just keep on progressing. Don’t beat yourself up for the sake of meeting the biased and stereotypical criterion of the few. You will make it through, slowly but better.

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