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It is useful to choose courses that enhance your employability

While choosing a course to study in college there are a number of factors that have to be kept in mind. First, one needs to ask himself/herself what he or she is truly interested in. Taking up a vocation which does not particularly interest you is like trying to enjoy a food-dish you do not like! Remember, the subject that you take up in college will be the area in which you would be working your whole life – so do only what you like!

Second, you have to be realistic in your aspirations – opt for a subject which matches your academic ability as reflected in your Board Exams. However, the most important question that you have to ask yourself while choosing a course is – will this degree help me in getting a job?

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In other words, it is the “Employability Quotient” that is going to be decisive in the way your future shapes up. Thankfully there a number of job-oriented professionally tuned college degree courses which you may consider. Some of them are:


This is a highly popular computer science degree course that prepares you for an IT job or study further for a coveted MCA PG degree. Know more why you should opt for a BCA course.


An undergraduate management degree courses trains you for a career in business management. You can also go on to do an MBA before plunging into the industry. Know more about BBA course here.


Another prospective career that has huge job prospects due to the fast growing hotel/hospitality sector in India and abroad.


A B.Sc in Microbiology assures you of a lucrative career in the pharmaceutical production industry. Wide-ranging job opportunities exist in the country and abroad.


In this age of media and information explosion, there is no dearth of career scope for a graduate trained in media production. The course covers a wide range of options from journalism to film production, content writing, TV production, Public Relations and Advertising. If you are creatively inclined, this is the course for you. Passionate about media industry? Know you should choose a Degree in Media Science


Nowadays you can begin studying law right after passing Plus 2 Boards. The five Year integrated LLB course trains you to be a lawyer and needless to state, there are few vocations that earn you more money than that of a successful lawyer.


The pharmaceutical industry keeps on growing day by day. A degree in pharmacy (B.Pharm) prepares you for a lucrative career in this sector. So for someone good in Chemistry, this is a prospective option.


There are no prizes for guessing that the aviation industry across the world is witnessing phenomenal growth. More and more people are flying theses days and every other day you see plush, new airport terminals coming up in Indian cities. There are plenty of institutions/flying schools that train you to be a commercial pilot or an aeronautical engineer. A great career option for anyone who aspires to be different!

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As stated choosing a career is a life-changing decision. One has to consider several key factors before taking a final plunge. While doing so, it is definitely worthwhile to choose a course that makes you “employable”. That is what we at Inspiria aim to do – MAKE THE YOUTH EMPLOYABLE!

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