Cryptocurrency – The New Digital Trend Setter

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Cryptography is now ubiquitous – moving beyond the traditional environments, such as government communications and banking systems, we see cryptographic techniques realized in Web browsers, e-mail programs, cell phones, manufacturing systems, embedded software, smart buildings, cars, and even medical implants. Today’s designers need a comprehensive understanding of applied cryptography.

A recent surge in the use of cryptocurrency through out the world has opened up a new avenue for jobs in the field of digital assets management. As Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency soared to an astonishing price of $17000 in a matter of few months, digital money based startups are also making their mark in the IT field and need not to say, they are attracting a good number of investors. Not only this, as the internet now becomes more usable and pervasive that ever before, the need for enforcing security to the digital contents of the netizens has become an ultimate priority. The information security and the IT industry now dearly requires a workforce dedicated towards providing a more secure cyber space. As a result, job openings in applied cryptography, steganography and allied data hiding/ information security enforcing technologies are on the rise. Apart from offering freedom from the monotony of service based positions in the IT industry, the applied cryptography/ information security jobs also offers great places to work along with a more lucrative perk package for the beginners.

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Enrolling in to any tech based courses (BCA, MCA, M. Sc in Computer Science. etc) are the best ways a cryptography enthusiast may start his journey towards a career in applied cryptography or information security management. While the bachelors degrees (such as BCA, BSc in Computer Science, B.Tech in Computer Science) course introduces a student to network security and cryptography as a part of the course curriculum, the masters degree (such as M.Sc in Computer Science, MCA) offers an advanced scope of having a deep dive into the open areas of information security, applied cryptography in digital money, digital asset management and so on.

Computer Science help the students to get real time experience in implementing the cryptographic/ cryptocurrency protocols and also facilitates them to emerge as information security experts, blockchain developers, cipher experts and so on. Working with cryptography is fun and expertise at the same time. Students graduating with a masters degree in Computer Science as their major subjects have a huge number of job roles to choose from in the world of cryptography and cryptocurrency.

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Recent trends indicate that a fresh incumbent in a cryptocurrency start up gets a salary higher by 10-20% than his counterpart in the services or the conventional IT fields. This is a good news for those who want to play with security protocols in a computer system as the jobs in cryptocurrency not only offer great salaries to take home but also has considerable stability. The future looks bright for those who want to explore the huge possibilities of the world of cryptography and digital money and nothing can be better than getting started by enrolling into tech courses where you get all the geeky knowledge as well as the necessary hands on training on cryptography all in one place.

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