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Students from the Department of Media Science were taken for an industrial visit to New Delhi. It was a part of professional opportunity and an exposure of the students in the functioning of National Media Houses. Like every year, the students visited different national media houses and this time also, had an opportunity to visit the Parliament of India.

The journey began on the 25th of March and extended a week upto the 31st March. On the first day, the students attended a live show, “We the People” on NDTV which had guests called in to discuss on the topic- ‘Is India Failing its youth?’. The students were a part of the audience who acknowledged the various opinions of the experts and processes of the show.

Our student(s) questioning the panelist in the discussion

Next, there was also opportunistic exposure in the field of art and drama with a visit to The National School of Drama where the students experienced a live international Polish play named DZIADY – NOC DRUGA, Directed by Piotr Tomoszuk. The ambiance of the surroundings was a sight of awe and amazement was a vibrant experience.

Polish play at The National School of Drama

On the fourth day, the students visited the temple of the largest democracy in the world, the Parliament. They also had the chance to visit the library of the Parliament where they had the exposure of protocol and discipline the parliamentary proceedings. The best exposure as media science students they got was witnessing the functioning of a media channel – LOK SABHA inside the Parliament. They got to learn and experience the functioning of the news room, studios, PCR and MCR in a Media channel. They also, acknowledged the high-end technical equipment viz. Camera, Injust machines etc. used in the industry.

Apart from all the learning that took place, the students also had a chance to visit some popular cultural and heritage sites of the world, namely the Taj Mahal Mathura and Vrindavan. Adding to the practical knowledge gained, the knowledge on the history of the nation was also brushed up. They also spent some leisure time at Adventure Island.

Also, the students had a bite of the glamour world where they met Bollywood stars – Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani who had come for promotions.

Our student(s) questioning the panelist in the discussion

Later, on the final day before departure, the students were a part of another debate show, “The Big Fight” on national television witnessing the discussing on the topic ‘Is Higher Education in a Mess?’.

The team returned on the 31st of March bringing an end to yet another professional and learning trip, while looking forward to further similar trips in the coming years.

The trip was a source of motivation and learning for our students. They have got the spark lite within them after understanding Media Industry from so close.

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