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Fashion Design and management scope

The fashion designing industry is booming and top-notch companies looking for fashion designing experts. It is a highly competitive industry and offers rewarding career opportunities. At the same time, one needs relevant skills and fashion sense to stick in this particular industry. The full-time course in fashion designing degree enables you the concepts and core strategies of the fashion industry. Furthermore, it covers the aspects of branding, communication, fashion marketing, budgeting, and retail operation management. Higher studies in fashion design ensure you perceive creativity and aspects of modern fashion trends.   

Best career option after 12th

Choosing a career after class 12 is quite difficult and if you don’t have prior guidance you may end up confused. An undergraduate course in fashion design has the potential to provide you with an accurate career path with a lucrative paycheck. If you have an interest in designing, creativity, retail management, and business operations then you must opt for B.Sc in fashion design and management. This particular course will help you to grow,  to be unique and colossal within the design world.

Skills required to be a fashion designer

If you are willing to step into the realm of designing and creativity. You are required to adopt lots of crucial skills that will establish you as a fashion designer. The most crucial skills that a fashion designing enthusiast must possess are artistic vision and the ability to maintain aesthetics. Moreover, it is suggested to you that you must hone your communication skills in order to understand your client’s requirements and must enhance your competitive spirit to stick in the order to become a successful fashion designer, you have to be a team player and often have to collaborate with the marketing and operations team.  Furthermore, you have to acquire a sense of current trends, this will help you to stay at the top of the league. 

Fashion design courses in Fashion Design and Management

The aspects and core principles of fashion design when merged with characteristics of management it provides a wholesome package to excel in the fashion industry. Inspiria Knowledge Campus offers B.Sc in Fashion Design & Management Programme with an aesthetic presentation of ideas via the design of garments that incorporates many cultures from across the world. The course also teaches students about the fashion business, target markets, and management, all of which attract applicants to a profitable and glamorous profession in fashion design. The fashion sector also provides a lot of opportunities for creative people in a variety of positions and specialties.

Course Module

1st Year 

  • Study of Textiles
  • Computer Basics & its Application in Design Fundamentals
  • GE basket
  • English Communication
  • Fashion Design Process
  • Fundamentals of pattern making & sewing
  • GE Basket
  • Environmental science

2nd Year 

  • Computer Graphics & its Application in Fashion Art & Drawing
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Project-Womenswear Designing
  •  GE Basket
  • Basics of Assessment in Psychology
  • Fashion Marketing
    Project: Menswear Designing
  • The technology of Garment Manufacturing
  • GE Basket
  • New Media Skills

3rd Year

  • Project-Costume Designing
  • Project – Kids Wear Designing
  • Accessory Designing/Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Photography/FashionCommunication
  • Portfolio Making
    Final Collection
  • E-Commerce/Research Methodology
  • Major Project /Internship

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Course Fees

Fee per Semester Rs. 40,000. Total Semester Fee = 6 x 40,000 = Rs.2,40,000

Fees DetailsAmount
Admission Fees42,000
Interest-free Security Deposit (Refundable)10,000
Fees payable at the time of Admission(Which includes first semester fees)92,000
Total Course Fees for 3 Yrs(Semester fees + 1-time payment)2,92,000

Benefits of Fashion Design Courses

Creativity has indeed no limitations and in today’s dynamic world of fashion, it does not need any innate ‘rocket science knowledge. Creativity and fashion are interrelated as it allows for the creation of authenticity, innovation, designing skills, and excellent knowledge about the fashion world. Students pursue fashion designing right after the completion of school as it allows them to excel in their creative skills and at the same time, certain benefits come with it.

The majorly significant benefits behind pursuing fashion design are as follows –

An excellent career option

With time, the fashion industry is propelling and it is a great platform for creative artists to demonstrate their talent and skills. The hobby can be turned into a great profession as there are many opportunities to excel in the field of fashion.

Robust Creativity

Being a fashion designer will allow the student to make excellent use of their creative minds in clothing and make anything trendy and appealing from the scratch and this can inspire people to curate their designs.

Gateway to glamour

Being passionate about the industry is a key or a gateway to the glamour industry. Students can further excel in their careers by meeting and engaging with new people within the same industry. Engagement and communication can foster growth and provide immensely brightening opportunities.

Fashion Design and Management

Career Opportunities

You can explore booming career opportunities by pursuing B.Sc in fashion design and management. As described above there is no limitation to creativity and a rewarding career in the industry. One can go beyond the conventional career by acquiring a fashion design degree and yet excel prolifically in the fashion industry.  Some of the great career opportunities are  

Fashion Designer

This profession needs no introduction, it is one of the most iconic careers in the industry that provides you the opportunity to shine with an extravagant paycheck. From drawing textures to crafting appealing costume designs, the fashion designer knows it all. 

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylist as a profession is quite intriguing because it is indeed exciting as well as tedious to accomplish. If you are willing to be one, all you need to do is get a B.Sc in fashion design and management degree. A broad understanding of commercial trends and an assertive approach require to perceive the client’s requirements. 

Jewellery Designer

Fashion is not just about clothing, it has catered to the audience’s zeal for adorning with appealing accessories and customized jewellery patterns. Presently it is an in-demand job portfolio that is rewarding and offers numerous opportunities. 

Fashion photographer

Pursuing a career in fashion is just not limited to styling or getting styled. This is a prolific career option that has the potential to heighten your career and could bring you fame in a short time if you have the desired skills. This profession allows you to curate state-of-the-art creativity with lenses and conceptualize extraordinary photoshoots.  

Fashion Journalist

In today’s time, a particular course is not limited to what it is known for. Being a fashion journalist is one distinctive career opportunity that will allow you to highlight the current trends in the fashion industry. It is a lot more than reporting on fashion trends and styles. The fashion journalist needs significant communication skills to present the viewpoint on fashion trends and designs.

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Best College for Fashion Design Courses

Inspiria Knowledge Campus

It is one of the best premier college in Siliguri that offers a B.Sc in Fashion Design and Management with robust faculty support. The next-generation management college is affiliated with MAKAUT offering industry-oriented courses that have the potential to make you employable. Moreover, it is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest training inputs for the students. 


Students who have competed for 10+2 from any recognized board with English as a subject are eligible for the course B.Sc. in Fashion Design and Management. The students who are appearing in the Class XII board finals can also apply in advance.


What are the career opportunities after a B.Sc in fashion design and management?

There are a plethora of career options after completing a B.Sc in fashion design and management. 

Is the fashion designing course difficult?

At the beginning of the course, you might face some difficulties but once you grasp the subject there is no stopping you. 

Do corporate companies hire B.Sc fashion design and management graduates?

Yes absolutely, top-tier companies hire skilled and experienced  B.Sc fashion design and management graduates.

Which is the best college in Siliguri for fashion design and management?

Inspira Knowledge Campus provides the best course module for B.Sc in fashion design and management. 

What is the salary of a fashion designer?

At the initial stage, a fashion designer receives a starting salary of 3.2 LPA and goes up to 7.5 LPA depending on the company and city. 

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