Inspiria FRESCO 2022 – Celebrating New Patterns of Possibilities

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Inspiria Fresco 2022

Introduction to Inspiria Fresco 2022

The beginning of a new journey, the celebration of new possibilities. Inspiria has always set the bar high when it comes to freshers’ parties. This year was no exception; after all freshers’ event is something that all freshers look forward to. 

Keep that in mind, a grand freshers’ welcome event was hosted welcoming the newcomers to the Inspirian family. With Kaliedscop as a theme this year, the event was more colourful and vibrant than ever. From stage set-up to decoration the patterns of “Kaleidoscope” was accented in every detail. 

Highlights of the event

The Inspiria FRESCO 2022 was held on 10th September, the event started off at Inspiria amphitheatre which later moved to Campus grounds. Our guests for the night showed up with bright smiles and right attitudes all glowed up and groomed.

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Though the FRESCO event might just look like a welcome party, its significance is profound. The idea is to make them enjoy the moment of togetherness with their new peers, avoid social evils, encourage their creative impulses, boost their confidence and foster a better understanding and harmony among the freshest and the senior-most students. Thus, we at Inspiria, regard the freshers’ welcome event or FRESCO as the celebration of cordial bonding of freshers and seniors.

The event had an array of activities such as dance performances, singing and a fashion show to elevate the evening atmosphere. The excitement, fun and laughter ornamented the evening.

The noted Mr and Mrs freshers was the highlight of the event where the contestant showed their potential with spectacular performances and rocked the runway with their respective ramp partners. This year the Mr and Mrs freshers were crowned from the department of BBA Entrepreneurship and BBA General respectively. The winners walked the ramp together following in the footsteps of former winners.

The night of course had to end with a bang! Which it did, thanks to the DJ whose desi-beat spirited our inspirian to dance their heart out. The FRESCO 22 ended on a delicious note where a sumptuous dinner was served for all. 

Significance of the event

One day, when the Inspirians would look back to 2022, they would surely be able to reminisce about the good happy times they had on their fresher’s night at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. Thanks to their seniors and the faculty who made it all happen. 

Going forward, let us all continue to improve ourselves and celebrate every little success. Let’s seize and celebrate every given opportunity and live life to the fullest.

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