Career in Hospitality: Major Innovative Trends in Hospitality Education

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The hospitality industry is diverse and covers areas such as travel, ticketing, hotels, restaurants, resorts and health and adventure trips. It’s a vast sector and the highest growing industry in India. Here are some the latest trends in this sector –

1. Local Experience

There is a growing desire for tourists for or travellers to enjoy local experiences Many people specially from industrialized and urbanized western nations do not simply want to experience a life similar to their own, but in a different location. There was a time when they would seek for residence and eating places similar to their own. Now the craze is to search for authentic local flavour. The growing popularity of home stays and farm house locations explains this trend.

2. Growing Health Consciousness

From rich spicy eating and heavy alcohol consumption there has been something of a cultural shift, with people becoming more health conscious, leading to a renewed focus on healthy food and soft/fruit based drinks. Food service providers are now focusing on healthier options, including gluten free, dairy free, low fat, vegetarian, vegan and organic options.

3. Sustainability

With repeated emphasis on environmental issues such as global warming sustainability has become a buzzword in every sector. Every industry spares no effort to identify itself with the environment cause and so it is with the hospitality sector. More and more hospitality service providers are promoting their eco-friendliness.

Examples of this range from stressing on vegetarian and vegan options to using more sustainable materials for things like towels and bed sheets.

4. Personalisation

With the rise of the rise of big data and growing access of consumer profiles another trend that is noticeable today is to cater to individual tastes and likings as guests now want to be treated as individuals, rather than as a customer.

Personalisation can mean providing similar services to a guest who stayed before to food choices and even language preferences allowing guests to be personally greeted by a member of staff upon arrival, using GPS technology and booking data

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5. Smart Hotels

Smart hotel designs providing free wifi-connectivity and easily accessible digital services are tied in with the idea of the Internet of Things’. The smart hotel concept goes with the idea of smart speakers and smart hubs.

In a smart hotel might, guests may control the heating or air conditioning from their phone, or turn on the TV through a voice command.

 6. Bleisure Travel by Millennials

When guests combine business travel with leisure activities its called ‘Bleisure’, and it is increasingly popular, especially among the millennial generation. A traveller may visit a place primarily for a business meeting or conference, but then extend their stay to turn it into a holiday.

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