List Of Best Courses In India After Class 12th (2020)

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After the class XII board exams are over and students enjoy a much needed rest, the biggest question that surfaces at that time is what stream should a student opt for in college. A couple of decades back the choices were simple. If you were a good student it and took science in your plus two boards, you tried to enroll yourself in a medical degree or an engineering degree course. Otherwise you simply enrolled for a B.Sc degree in Physics, Maths, Chemistry or any other science subject. Commerce students had the option of pursuing the CA course and for arts students, the only options were to go for a teaching career or to sit for competitive exams for government jobs. The situation today has significantly changed. There are numerous new emerging streams and vocations offering a wide range of career options in very interesting and diverse fields.

Let us now discuss some of the interesting new courses which a student passing out of school can pursue. Some of these are BBA in Entrepreneurship, BBA in Hospital Management, BBA in Sports Management, BA/B.Sc in Media Studies, BA in Film Studies, BA/B.Sc in Multimedia,Graphics and Animation, BBA in Hotel And Hospitality Management and BCA.

B.Sc (Interior Designing): Interior designing is art, science and commerce altogether. This is a great exciting and challenging option for young students who have a creative and independent frame of mind and who prefer working with high professional standards. It is the perfect vocation for those who want a judicious mix of art and commerce.

BBA in Entrepreneurship: This is a three year undergraduate course in business management that specialises on developing the skills, resources and the business and financial acumen required to become a successful entrepreneur. The programme is designed to groom business graduates who can successfully manage any businesses be they small, medium or large.

BCA: This UG degree creates software professionals who can serve in the IT sector as web developers, front- end and back-end engineers, software designers, IT hardware engineers, networking specialists among other technical professionals. A degree in computer application or computer engineering paves your way to the IT world.

BA in Film Studies: Film making today is not limited to the film industry. More and more films/videos are being made today by individuals as well as organisations for a variety of purposes such as promotion, archiving of events and activities, information and instruction etc. This UG course trains youngsters in film direction/production/cinematography/editing. Graduate degree holders can work in any of these specialized areas and are also eligible to enter the film and television industry.

BA in Multimedia, Graphics & Animation: This is another trendy course for highly creative and innovative students. The course trains students to become capable in the art of animation and graphics which are in great demand in this digital age. Content creation and presentation has assumed paramount significance in the digital age where visual presence for every individual, group, government department or business organization is a must.

BBA in Hotel and Hospitality Management: This is perhaps the fastest growing sector in the country. As the economy grows and disposable income increases, the number of people travelling for work or pleasure is also growing at a rapid rate. More and more people are booking seats on trains and planes, and rooms in hotels and holiday resorts. A huge pool of hospitality professionals are required to sustain the phenomenal growth in the sector.

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BBA in Sports Management: Today sports in India today means big business. And as in all big busineses, the sports sector too needs a team of professionals who not only have a basic understanding of the game but are also capable of working behind the scene to organize matches, monitor team finances and negotiate contracts of athletes. A degree in Sports Management prepares sports management professional who can manage the business and governance of sports at all levels.

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BBA in in Hospital Management: With the growth of the corporate hospital sector and concepts like health tourism gaining ground, there is a growing need of management professional who have specialized training to serve in the Hospital sector. The BBA degree in Hospital Management familiarizes students with the way large corporate hospitals function and equips them with basic health and wellness training in addition to delivering business management skills.

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