Inspiria Cakes and Carols: A Joyous Celebration of Togetherness

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Cakes & Carols

Christmas is always a joyous occasion and it’s as big a deal in Inspiria as it is everywhere else. Cakes and Carols, a Christmas-themed ceremony, was held on the 9th of this month at Inspiria, bringing everyone together.

The extravagant festivities included everything from cake mixing to singing carols and sharing of gifts. Every year, we begin the Christmas season with the time-honored tradition of cake mixing and this year was no different. In this ceremony students participated in the process of mixing dry fruits and alcohol in the cake. The event was followed by a carol performance by the students. These performances added to the Christmas spirit.

Inspiria Cakes and Carols

The Cake Mixing Ceremony is a traditional Christmas custom mainly originating in the United Kingdom in which a Christmas cake is mixed to welcome the arrival of Christmas. While someone is mixing the cake, the entire family gathers around and sings popular Christmas songs. Most families have their own traditional Christmas cake recipe, but they all use sherry, rum, brandy, or whiskey in their cakes.

Inspiria Cakes and Carols

This year, the cake mixing ceremony was more extravagant than ever at Inspiria since it was the first time since the pandemic that students and the faculty got to celebrate the joy of Christmas together. The campus was decked out in Christmas decorations, particularly red, green, and white. Students had specially decorated a Christmas tree to herald the arrival of the holiday season.

Inspiria Cakes and Carols

Several guests joined the faculty and staff. The event’s chief guest was Anne Chhang, CEO of Dr. Chhang’s Super Specialty Hospital Pvt. Ltd. in Siliguri. Anne Chhang, an Inspiria Knowledge Campus dear friend, was the first to initiate the cake mixing ceremony, followed by Rahul Gupta, Head of Operations (IKC), Indrajit Chatterjee, Head of Academics (IKC), and other senior faculty members Sherry George (Employability Skills Experts), Anjani Nandan (Sr. Chef Faculty), and his team of Hospitality and Hotel Administration Department which included the students.

Inspiria Cakes and Carols

The campus was echoing with the sounds of wonderful carols sung by the students. It was all about music, fun, sharing of love and good vibes. Aside from all these, Santa’s presence made the event even more festive. A few days before the main event, a secret santa theme was established, and students sent in their gifts. During Cakes and Carols, Santa Claus arrived and distributed these gifts to the appropriate recipients.

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