Inspiria Resumes Outdoor Fitness Events – Youth Run 2021

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The 4.0 edition of Inspiria Youth Run 2021 gave many a reason to break free from a sedentary indoor lifestyle. The long paused physical race was resumed keeping the health and safety of the participants at an utmost priority. When the outbreak of a pandemic put a standstill on the physical gatherings, Inspiria Youth Run was remodeled to a virtual marathon event. Despite all that, it garnered the attraction of fitness freaks and race enthusiasts from all over India. The virtual journey was a huge success. The concept of virtual run garnered mass participation making Inspiria Youth Run the biggest virtual marathon event in India amidst the peak of a pandemic.

But on December 18, 2021, Inspiria resumed the long paused physical run challenge. The event conducted by the Department of Sports Management of Inspiria not only restored the thrill, but it once again brought back the lost connection of the like-minded community of fitness enthusiasts, aspiring marathoners, and fitness promoters. It created a new opportunity for individuals who were craving outdoor adventure or seeking a detachment from the monotony of the indoor lifestyle.

Despite the uncertainty, Inspiria Youth Run 4.0 physical challenge received an overwhelming response from the participants across Siliguri and the adjoining areas including hilly regions of Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong, etc. Since the 4.0 edition of the Inspiria Youth Run 2021 was organized for the regional participants, the 5 KM race catered to the need for the most needed getaway from the sedentary routine.

The participants began gathering at the campus before the daybreak. Though the allotted reporting time was 6 AM, many fervent participants arrived before the designated time. The warm-up was conducted with the energizing beat of the music and the participants enjoyed the session to their heart’s content. Before the warm-up session, each participant was given a Youth Run T-shirt and was asked to attach their running BIB to it. The race started at 6:30 AM and concluded at 7:30 AM. The winners were awarded trophies and all the participants were given a certificate of participation and medals. Refreshments were served to everyone on the campus.

Contrary to the cold winter air, the campus air was bright and cheery. The event was held strictly adhering to the safety guidelines. The campus lot was entirely disinfected before the arrival of participants at the campus. Though the Inspiria Youth Run was a purpose-driven initiative, it was the love and support of the participants that made this event a huge success!

About Inspiria Youth Run –
It is an initiative of Inspiria Knowledge Campus to nurture the sporting culture amongst the youths of North Bengal and beyond. Further, it aims to spread awareness in the community about leading an active and healthier lifestyle. Conceived and started in 2018, Inspiria Youth Run continues to thrive with its purpose to inspire, educate and help create a healthier community.

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