Inspiria Toastmasters Club Holds 150th Session – Members Celebrate A Momentous Occasion

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Inspiria Toastmasters Club Holds 150th Session

When unity is a priority, friendships are strengthened, bonds are restored, and the teams achieve great victories. Some of the world’s well-known leaders and thinkers tend to agree on this as well. Mahatma Gandhi said, – “Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking”. Regardless of hardships brought by uncertain times, Inspiria Toastmasters Club accomplished its journey of togetherness by celebrating the 150th session. Their feat is a confirmation that our faith in togetherness and solidarity in life can help us create a better community and a better world.

Emphasizing the essence of togetherness, Inspiria Toastmasters Club, Area – J2, Division – J, District – 41 celebrated their 150th session with the intriguing catchphrase “it’s always better to be together”. The much-anticipated session was held on December 4, 2021, at Inspiria’s Innovation Garden from 4 pm onwards. The session created a vibrant setting where everyone reunited and enjoyed the event.

The Toastmasters of the Day were TM Anshvir and TM Piyanshi. Both commenced the session splendidly by addressing and interacting with the audience. They had a fun element up their sleeves, which made the session more interactive. From fun games to introducing the role players, they both played a remarkable part in creating a vivacious aura from the start. The celebration was lightened-up by the presence of old Toastmasters and guests.

TM Rakshita and TM Dimpi added the thrill to the event by raising a toast. They led the audience down memory lane and traversed the topics like “how Inspiria Toastmasters Club started” and “how it thrived to date”.

The Table Topic Master TM Abhilasha amazed the audience with her creativity in conducting the table topics. She tossed the bouquet and gave some entertaining table topics to the members to speak on. The topics were exciting and engaging!

The Game Masters TM Naman and TM Koushiki infused the spark to the session with their mind-blowing games. TM Naman conducted the game of “emotional quadrant” which brought out the dramatic side of all the members. Whereas TM Koushiki made sure that everyone aimed the ping-pong balls right into the cup and if they did not, they would get fun challenges, which was entertaining for both the audience and participants.

TM Pam was the guest of the 150th session. She graced the event with her presence and ensured that everyone learned something from her. As an incredible being, she shared her knowledge on how one can ace the table topics. She also emphasized, “how joining Toastmasters could be a fruitful decision for an individual”.

Few of the old Toastmasters shared their memories with the Inspiria Toastmasters Club. The evening ended with cake cutting, dancing near the bonfire, and a delicious dinner.

The 150th session was a valuable event as it rendered a genuine recollection of their drive and commitment towards the club from day 1.

As they reveled in the celebration of a long-envisioned feat, the session further reinforced their sentiment of “togetherness”, integrity, consistency, and willingness to thrive as a strong and inspirational community.

Indeed the 150th session of Inspiria Toastmasters Club was a memorable one. Yet again, their album included more happy photographs.

For those unaware, Inspiria is the first college in North Bengal to initiate the International Toastmasters Club.

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