A Homecoming Affair – Inspiria Hosts The First Alumni Gala Nite, Inspirians Reunite!

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Alumni Gala Nite 2021- Recap 2-01

With the winter vibes steadily filtering through the hazy and monotonous autumn air, the announcement of Inspiria Alumni Gala Nite revived the long-lost thrill and cheery aura back in the campus. So, right before the new academic session rolled out after a prolonged 575 days, the sudden rush of excitement and nostalgia bid adieu to the air of isolation and the burden of digital burnout. Thanks to the mentors who called for this purpose-driven move to bring together the Alumni of Inspiria.

Alumni Gala Nite

On Friday, November 12, Inspiria Knowledge Campus hosted the first Alumni Gala Nite at the Open Air Amphitheatre at the campus premises. The event started with the meet and greet formalities at 4:30 p.m. With the Alumni Gala Nite, we got to see the familiar faces once again at their Alma Mater, even if it was just for an evening party. But, we must admit, it was an impactful one.

Alumni Gala Nite

To every Inspirian, the Gala Nite was a special affair, not because it was the first of its kind, but because it served as a basis to connect, network, and break the melancholic mood and the monotony inflicted by the pandemic. The Friday Night affair was well hosted in the presence of Mr. Atul Gupta, the managing trustee of Inspiria Knowledge Campus.

Of course, we missed the faces that were out of sight for a while.
Alumni Gala Nite

Inspiria Alumni Gala Nite bestowed the former Inspirians with the opportunity to reunite, reminisce, and relive the nostalgic “good old days” with their comrades and Alma Mater. Above all, it also integrated new opportunities for each alumnus to meet, interact, and build a network with the mentors including the managing trustee of and the other campus dignitaries including operations head, principal, HODs.

Alumni Gala Nite

The event created a wonderful aura for the alumni with cheerful talks and laughter echoing across a warm ambience. Mocktails and refreshments were served at the “Innovation Garden”, which is an exclusive co-working and incubation space for startups. The pleasant weather, green and serene mountain backdrop seen from the Innovation Garden added more to the jolly affair.

Apart from the entertainment exhibits, the launch of “Inspiria Green Book”, which is an encyclopedia of the fauna on the campus was a major highlight of the event. The event was successfully concluded with a complimentary dinner.

In conclusion, we admit that we are glad because even after a tumultuous phase, Inspiria made an effort to initiate a practice to bring back and reunite the former Inspirians to their Alma Mater.

Alumni Gala Nite

What delights us more is the fact that with the initiation of the Inspiria Alumni Gala Nite, the members of the former and younger generation will be able to come together for a reunion and build up connections even after many years. And that’s what fulfills our vision of mapping and initiating the Inspiria Alumni Meet.

Alumni Gala Nite

With this, we hope to stay connected with our Alumni, build connections and create new opportunities on both the professional and personal level. That’s the reason why Inspiria Alumni Gala Nite will be on our list of go-to events every year.

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