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We have become the first institute to sign for the Young Indian Yuva Programme

Another first for Inspiria Knowledge Campus! We are going to become the first academic institute in North Bengal to sign up with Young Indians (an initiative of CII) for the Yuva Chaupal. And we are thrilled to see the tremendous response from our students in the Yuva Chaupal which is basically an initiative to form an association of students from different schools and colleges across the country to develop and build their personality, leadership skills and contribute to nation building activities.

Inspiria Knowledge Campus is all set to create a new benchmark among the academic institutes in Siliguri, by signing up for the Yuva Chaupal. YI Yuva will connect students to the community, the country at large and motivate them for “Nation Building”. The “Yuva Chaupal” will play a key role in this regard and will include a ‘Chair’ who is a YI member and a Coordinator (faculty member who has already been nominated by the college, and a Sarpanch and Upsarpanch (student leaders), who shall jointly work for implementing the Yuva Chaupal programs.

Mr. Shomik Saha, Assistant Professor, B.B.A, shall be the coordinator for the YI “Yuva Chaupal” for Inspiria Knowledge Campus. With more than eight years’ experience in academics, Mr Saha will guide our students in all yuva activities, streamlining their talents and enthusiasm for optimum utilization.

In what promises to be an exciting prospect, YI ‘Yuva Chaupal’ shall provide an opportunity to students to interact with top entrepreneurs & professionals from diverse background. They will gain experience on leadership through 360 degree leadership program (3LP). ”Yuva Chaupal” is a unique networking opportunity with peers across the country and an opportunity to participate in all major YI events Inspiria Knowledge Campus will sign the MOU with Young Indians to work together and synergize students and their energy for positive action. In view of the great response from our students at a preliminary meeting held on Monday at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. we shall also soon be signing up and registering our yuva team for yustart.

Yustart is a CII-Young Indians (YI) annual startup competition which will encourage students to launch new business and social impact ventures. Yustart will start as a launch pad for the budding entrepreneurs who will get to meet and interact with top entrepreneurs at the national level. The top three teams in the competition will receive cash prizes, certificates and mentoring options.

So things are really happening at Inspiria Knowledge Campus as the new academic session starts. We are looking forward to exciting times ahead!

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