Inspiria Orientation Week – Batch of 2018 (Enfolding the novice learners into the Inspirian family as one!)

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The entire week dating from 6th of August-10th of August 2018 bestowed remarkable moments and prolific lessons for the freshers at Inspiria Knowledge Campus in Siliguri. The much-awaited Inspiria Orientation Week was planned and hosted to enfold the young freshers into the Inspirian family.

The long 5 days program introduced the newcomers with the distinguished guests’ speakers from various industries. Each of the speakers catered a considerable insight into the associated industry through their gripping inspirational speeches. The program was organized on the mentioned date from 10 am – 1 pm every day.

Since it was freshman year for the novice Inspirians, their presence at tinged the ambiance of excitement. The entire campus anticipated and observed the Orientation Program with great enthusiasm and made it a worthwhile experience.

Day 1. (6th August 2018)

With an intention to teach the youngsters to pursue their passion, Sriya Singhal the owner of Buddy Quest and Mr. Jaspal Bindra the managing Director of Punjabi Kadai was invited as guest speakers on the first day.

Entrepreneur Sriya Singhal spoke to the students of BBA/ BCA/ BBAHM regarding “Time Management”. The event was held in Seminar Hall 1 and was excellently hosted by Dimpi, a fellow 3rd Semester student from BMS. Meanwhile, at Seminar Hall 2, Mr. Jaspal Bindra Addressed the BMS/BHM students about Leadership. The Event was hosted by Soumetra Paul from BHM 3rd Semester.

Day 2. (7th August 2018)

After an intriguing session with the inspiring entrepreneurs on the first day, the freshers were more enthusiastic to learn more. On the 2nd day, the BBA/BCA/BBAHM freshers were addressed by Abha Ohri, the Principal of Shri Ram Centennial School, Siliguri. She spoke regarding the “Leadership” with the students. The event took place in Seminar Hall 1 and was efficiently hosted by Chetan Jain, a fellow student from 3rd semester.

At the same time, Professor Nirmika Subba addressed BMS/ BHM students concerning “Team Work”. The session was perfectly hosted by our fellow student from BMS 3rd semester.

Day3. (8th August 2018)

To fuel their quest and passions, Sangeeta Reddy, the founder of Reddy’s Clinic spoke to the ardent Inspirian freshers of BBA/ BCA/ BBAHM on “Communication”. As communication is the essence of building the business, growing network or endorse a brand or a product, the youngsters were fortunate enough to be a part of the profitable session. This will unquestionably help young Inspirians to sharpen their skills for lifelong. The session organized in Seminar Hall 1 and was pleasantly hosted by Shabnam Periwal, a 3rd-semester student.

Another session was held simultaneously at Seminar Hall 2 for the BMS/BHM students. It’s was another advantageous concourse for the fresh BMS/BHM students. The guest speaker of the day, Priyanka Anuj not only spoke about the “Time Management”, but also endowed tremendous tactics and skills on how to utilize them wisely. The session was perfectly hosted by Roya Joshi a fellow BHM Inspirian from 3rd-semester.

Day4. (9th August 2018)

Day 4 introduced the BBA/BCA/BBAHM freshers with Dr. Sam George, the honorable Director of the “Genesis Foundation” the esteemed personalities who addressed the students regarding “Team Work”. This session went on remarkably well with the aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders who hold the dreams of making a mark in the modern business management. As teamwork is the core and foundation on which the leading organization in the world persists and excels. The session took place in Seminar Hall 1 and was graciously hosted by Vidika Singhi, a 3rd Semester inspirian.

In the meantime, the freshers from BMS/BHM department was addressed by Mr. Joseph Sebastian, the esteemed founder of Chatterbox. Mr. Sebastian spoke with the freshers in regards to communication which is one of the key aspects in becoming a top-notch professional in this modern world. The session was organized in Seminar Hall 2 and it was expertly hosted by Prince Agarwal, a 3rd-semester BBA Inspirian.

Day5. (10th August 2018)

On day5 or the last day of the orientation week, two sessions were organized simultaneously. The session for BBA/BCA/BBA(HM) was organized in Seminar Hall 1. Mrs. Sherry George, a prominent assistant professor from the Inspiria Knowledge Campus excellently hosted the session followed by Toastmasters Palak & Dimpi, and YUVA – YI members.

Mrs. Sherry Gorge further conducted the introduction of all staff members, catered vivid ideas regarding Rules and Regulations, and Discipline.


Simultaneously in the Seminar Hall 2, the session was held for the BHM/BMS freshers. The session was efficiently hosted by assistant professor Ms.Steffi Prasad along with YUVA – YI members, and Toastmasters Palak & Dimpi. Our dynamic Ms. Steffi Prasad conducted the orientation followed by the introduction of all staff members, Rules and Regulations, and the discipline. Grievance Redressal Cell is one of the significant domain in every organization be it a government or a private. Dr. Ratnakirti Roy addressed regarding Grievance Redressal Cell for the BBA/BCA/BBA(HM) (seminar Hall 1). In the meantime, Mr.Anjani Nandan catered to the information and queries to BMS/BHM students (Seminar Hall 2).

Mr.Arnab Sen addressed in regards to Student Anti Ragging for BBA/BCA/BBAHM department and at the meantime, Mr.Sougata Saha addressed regarding the same to BMS/BHM freshers’ department. Sexual Harassment is a matter of major concern not only in our country but throughout the globe. Mr. Neerjang Lama addressed the BBA/BCA/BBAHM department regarding Sexual Harassment at Seminar Hall 1. BMS/BHM freshers’ department was addressed on the same by Ms. Soumi Bhattacharjee.

At Inspiria, every learner is treated, taught, motivated, and rendered equal opportunity in every aspect during their learning phase. Ms. Shristik Chhetri addressed the BBA/BCA/BBAHM freshers on Equal Opportunity at Seminar Hall1.Ms.Diksha Giri talked on the same with the BMS/BHM freshers’ department at Seminar Hall 2. Mr. Debasish Ray spoke to the BBA/BCA/BBAHM freshers in regards to CSR. Meanwhile, the same topic was addressed by Mr.Dipjyoti Das to the freshers of BMS/BHM department in Seminar Hall 2. At Inspiria, students are not only exposed to the modern approach of learning with hands-on experience but also introduced to a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports which keep them fit and active. Mr.Shoubhik Ghosh addressed the BBA/BCA/BBAHM freshers concerning Sports at Seminar Hall 1, and Mr. Taqui Haider spoke in regards to the same with the freshers’ department of BHM/BMS.

As Inspiria is the home to the learners from diverse cultural backgrounds, Culture is one of the unavoidable topics on which Mrs.Sherry George and Ms.Steffi Prasad addressed to the students from BBA/BCA/BBAHM and BHM/BMS freshers’ department in Seminar Hall 1 and 2 respectively. These two esteemed women from Inspiria Knowledge Campus further spoke in regards to Women cell / Management Club/ Computing Club/ Theater Club/ Sustainability Club/ Oasis/ Pour House/ Foodies/ Women cell / Management Club/ Computing Club/ Theater Club/ Sustainability Club/ Oasis/ Pour House/ Foodies.

The freshers were truly spoiled for the opportunity, from their preferred courses to the outdoor and indoor games, to Toastmasters programs to the mass media. However, the Orientation Program truly helped the students in a considerable manner to embrace and adopt with the transition from school life to college life. We believe that the Inspiria Orientation Program will encourage our young freshers and serve as a foundation for choosing the perfect path and have a prolific career.

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