At Inspiria we aim at giving the best to our students, in all the aspects, so is the case of uniforms. We believe in having the right colours and their combinations which will enhance the confidence of the students. The motto of Inspiria is ‘give wings to your educational dreams’, keeping this in mind we have carefully selected the colours and style. Our aim in designing this uniform is to bring out the best in the future entrepreneurs and hoteliers.

Gray is a cool, neutral and balanced colour which is associated with being formal, conservative and sophisticated. It is also timeless and practical colour.

White a colour of purity and cleanliness is next in line, a colour which is suitable for any season. It is also considered to be the colour of perfection. Wearing white helps one to be good and gives a sense of purity as it is associated with goodness. It gives one positive energy and also helps one to spread the same.

Inspiria College Uniform Image
Inspirians in their college uniform


Navy blue a variant of the colour blue is cool and neutral. It conveys importance, confidence, power and authority along with intelligence, stability, unity and conservatism. It gives one a sense of elegance and sophistication.

The style and design of the uniform gives the students confidence in themselves and in what they do. It is designed to suit the summer heat and the winter cold.

As we at Inspiria believe that every student who graduate from here should go out with a sense of confidence, positive energy and intelligence, we have carefully chosen and designed the uniform to add more psychological and intellectual balance to the students.

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