Inspiria Welcomes Mr. Suvojit Bagchi, Chief of Bureau of The Hindu

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An excitement is running through the veins of the students of the Media Science department of Inspiria Knowledge Campus as Mr. Suvojit Bagchi, the Deputy Editor/Chief of Bureau of The Hindu, Kolkata has decided to devote a working day sharing his experiences in the industry.

Chief of Bureau of The Hindu in Kolkata, Mr. Suvojit Bagchi has been a journalist for the past 23 years working for organisations such as Ananda Bazar Patrika in Kolkata and BBC World Service  in Delhi for many years and has reported from various parts of the country and abroad. He specialises in reporting conflicts. His account of the life of Maoist insurgents in Chattisgarh, published by the National University of Singapore, has been widely acclaimed.

He has conducted over 18 lectures including Purdue University, South Asian Studies Department, West Lafayette, on “Bauxite Mining in Orissa” in the year 2005; Jawaharlal University and Delhi University on Maoism in Chhattisgarh in the year 2011; MCRC, Jamia Milia Islamia Delhi on “Radio reporting” in the year 2012; Presidency University, Kolkata on “Maoist uprising in Chattisgarh– Impact on People” 2012; and the latest being the European Union Seminar on “Reporting on Human Rights”, IIC, Delhi, 2016

Mr. Bagchi has worked on various newsgathering platforms- print, television, radio, digital- and toured across the country and parts of the world to speak on conflicts, radio and digital journalism. He has also produced long format audio documentaries for BBC WS and is currently, i.e. since 2012, looking after the newsgathering operation in West Bengal, parts of eastern India and Bangladesh.

His major assignments include 60th General Assembly in UN, New York (BBC Bangla, Hindi & Urdu); Iran election (All networks as only BBC journalist to get a visa); BBC Bursary audio documentary on “New Media in Kashmir” for English networks; Radio/online/television series for all networks of the BBC on five week stay in Maoist camps in Chhattisgarh; Russian election for various south-Asian networks of the BBC.

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