Inspiria Yuva Members visit to Evergreen Tea Factory

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The young entrepreneurs of Inspiria Knowledge Campus visited the Evergreen Tea factory at Jalpaiguri as a part of the initiative of Navonmesh – Entrepreneurship & Innovation Vertical of Yuva. There was great excitement among the students as we reached the factory. The aroma of the fresh tea leaves greeted us. A total of twenty-five students were divided into three groups and was lead by experts in this field who helped in the tour of the factory. The girls team was led by Miss Payal Agarwal (Member YI) who gave a detailed explanation and tour of the functioning of the factory.

Tea Processing method being explained to students

The first stop was the withering tray were 75% of the extra moisture is removed and then the leaves are transferred to the CTC section through conveyer belts where cutting, tearing and curling happens. It was a great experience to feel the different texture, aroma and colour at different stages. From the CCTC section, it is then transferred to the fermentation area where the colour green actually changes to brown and then to the drying areas where it finally gets its black colour. After the whole process, the tea is transferred to the sorting section where it goes through several sieves and it’s sorted according to its size and finally to the packing section.

Inspiria Yuva Members with YI members at Evergeen Tea Factory

It was amazing to see how the whole process is done by automated machines. After the tour of the factory, there was a presentation by Miss Payal Agarwal where she further explained the manufacturing process and gave a brief description about Mr Rajeev Baid who is the owner of the factory. The question answer session was taken up by the ever enthusiastic Mr Baid who believes in bringing the best quality CTC tea without altering the benefits of the tea leaves. The factory was launched in 2013 and it functions with the world class machinery. It is the first TRUSTEE certified tea factory and it has even launched a mobile app for online purchase of tea.

The most interesting part was the tea tasting session where the students experienced the taste of different types and flavours of tea. It was an informative and enjoyable experience. It was an appreciable initiative by the Young Indians & Yuva

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