5 Reasons why Media Industry has diverse career scope

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1. Media & Entertainment Industry:

The media and entertainment industry in India has experienced remarkable growth over the last two decades, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. With its increasing customer base and advertising revenues, the Indian M&E industry is currently in a strong phase of growth, opening up new opportunities and expanding the career of the media industry in India.

2. Maximum Target Reach:

It is an industry which has the maximum reach after agriculture and textile now. Its reaches every house, family, individual and genre. In the recent scenario, IT Communication and Media are directly proportional. With every It invention and advancement media is growing. Before it was just Print and Electronic media but now with the advent of internet- digital media and smartphones the reach global.

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3. Potential Growth in Diversified Segments:

Choosing career in the media industry is a good decision. Media with its diversified segments has huge potential growth for the ones willing to take up and join media.

  • 1. Films
  • 2. Television
  • 3. Advertising & Public Relation
  • 4. Print & Publication
  • 5. Radio & Music
  • 6. Digital & internet
  • 7. Broadband
  • 8. Mobiles
  • 9. Broadcast- sports etc.

4. Glamour, Fame & Popularity:

Media is an Industry which is popularly known as glamour industry too. Fame, Popularity and bank-balance all follows people who opt to join media industry. People in media are always in limelight and have very good contacts. The whole world knows them if not by face by at least by name written in golden words. Media people are creators, educators who leave behind their impression on human mind, the first informers who aware the mass across the globe and also, entertainers who can connect and relax the mass.

5. Impactful Influence:

Impossible to think of a world without existence media. Our whole world is surrounded and dependent on media today. Media is the most influential business sector in the business world who sells time and space on various media. The influence and impact is so strong that we can’t think of spending a single day without Television, Mobile phone, The Internet, advertisements and films. They are our major and important part and parcel of our day to day life.

Thus, taking up media is an opportunity in disguise. A diverse career opportunity opens up on choosing media science/ mass communication as a subject. Only subject which involves the study of all the subjects- medical, engineering, history, geography, political science, economics, business studies, psychology, sociology etc. Information & Technology and Media Science are growing and advancing each day. A wonderful career option to take up.

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