Inspirians at “The Raas – The Epitome Of Love”

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Gandhi believed that a true Vaishnav is one who can empathize. On the other hand, the ebullient Vidyapati fabricates the fervent fantasy of Radha Krishna through his enormous hymns, like:

“May our king
The lord of five provinces of Gour
Live forever.”


The aforementioned extract from Vidyapati’s work was translated by Tagore and he had his own individualistic perspective of Radha Krishna. All these geniuses in different moods of tunes harmonized with the incredible love legacy of Sree Radhika for Krishna.

In an exclusive show organized by Tourism Department, Govt.of West Bengal & CCN Binodan in collaboration with Inspiria Knowledge Campus on 27th November in Dinabandhu Mancha – all such mystic moods was shown through Tarasankar Banergee’s narrative novel ‘Radha’.

The program commenced with a present day prayer by the pious group of students from Inspirira Knowledge Campus. These students arrived with a glad heart among a hall full of prestigious audiences with all the requisites for the adhibas ceremony. The joyful glorious event of the Lord – Raas has started.

Starting from the epitome of the literary artists in Brajbhasha to modern Bengali, the charisma of how to love has been captivated through the confluence of Radha-Krishna, which was conveyed by Lalita & Bisakha (the role was played by teachers & professors from leading school & college of Siliguri) & the divine narrator Rupok. Audience like Tagore – Researcher Dr. Raton Biswas enjoyed this exclusive, elegant, enthusiastic event of Raas by the buoyant students from Inspiria.

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