Inspirians get ready for the first semester final exams

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When winter Comes…..

There is a chill in the air! The days are shorter and in the afternoon the clear blue sky greets your eyes as if with a familiar smile! In between a couple of days of overcast skies and a few cold drops of winter rain! Yes winter is here, once again, unfailingly as it has been doing during the last hundreds, nay, thousands of years! In North Bengal, winter brings so much of joy and fun – its the time for family bonfires at night and saturday evenings huddled in the bed or near the fireplace (if you come from an old traditional family) with the family together again. Remember winter also means holidays for the children – young and old.

A new start! (Captured by Department of Media Science at Inspiria)

At Inspiria the beginning of winter also marks the end of the first semester. And we are on the threshold of history here, for from December 7, the first batch of Inspiria Knowledge Campus will appear (BBABMSBCA and BHM) for their first university examinations. Time seems to have flown since the 3rd of August when the first semester classes begin. It was a programme packed semester with classes, practical sessions, motivation talk sessions, quiz contests, debates as well as a host of cultural events and shows, not to speak of sports and games.

In between students also appeared for their internal exams which were conducted smoothly during the first week of October. The Inspiria students team brought laurels by reaching the final of an all India business ideas contest event where they contested with teams from the IITs and IIMs. They finished third. The college team also fared well in the inter college quiz contest organized by Inspiria.

Inspirians during their mid-sem exam

And now its exam time. Classes have been suspended and students have their heads down in books preparing for the big day on December 7. We are sure they will perform well and as soon as the examinations end, there will be a winter term break. And then it’s time to start anew again as classes commence for the second semester in mid January.

So a since “best of luck” to our students! Remember, there is a lot to look forward to in the coming semesters. Good Luck again!

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