InspiriaQ Concludes Its 1st Ever Digital Edition

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The rise of covid-19 from the streets in Wuhan ripped the world apart. With the advent of social distancing norms, businesses including the schools, colleges were forced to shut down for an indefinite span to curb the spread. The prolonged crisis incited by the pandemic not only altered the way of life but as well pushed the humans to amend the perspectives regarding everything. Although a little hope is restored with the emerging trials of vaccination against the coronavirus, in the meantime, businesses including the education system underwent a radical transition.

Following the outbreak and the social distancing constraints, the rise of virtual technology increased in almost every sector. Therefore, e-learning came to be the new benchmark to bridge the learning gap. While the world switched to e-learning, the effort applied to adapt to this new normal is not unknown to us. Regardless of the struggles, many are still trying to help the underprivileged to gain adequate access to e-learning.

InspiriaQ 2020: The Switch To Online Mode & Insight On Its First-Ever Edition

The pandemic and lockdown collectively terrorized us of our future. Particularly, the education sector collapsed into bad shape. The withdrawal and cancellation of board exams, termination of internship programs and job interviews, career layoffs, and the rising global mortality rate, the pandemic indeed terrified us to a point of no hope. The prolonged lockdown well scoured the stress that again intensified mental health issues amongst the adults and instigated a laidback attitude amongst the students in terms of learning.

Amid the crisis and the uncertainty, Inspiria Knowledge Campus continued to provide effective support to the learners through various online activities. While manual activities were forced to call off following the safety measures against the covid-19, the digital medium served as a windfall amid the pandemic.

The Winners of InspiriaQ 2020 Digital Edition

Amongst the list of virtual events scheduled, InspiriaQ 2020 quiz contest stands as the first step towards conducting an event on the digital platform. Note, the biggest quiz contest of North Bengal (conducted manually before the covid-19) was withdrawn amid the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Regardless of the growing concern for the distorted learning process, the digital shift to education fostered the online quiz contest. At the start, the organizers were skeptical and anxious about switching InspiriaQ to a digital medium. Surprisingly, InspiriaQ 2020 went on to gain tremendous support from enthusiastic quizzers from various states across the country.

Also, note that InspiriaQ is the first-ever quiz contest in North Bengal to hit the digital networks. The biggest online quiz contest in North Bengal was conducted in two phases. First, from June to mid-July. Second, from August to mid-September, with each phase having a term of 45 days. The last phase of the InspiriaQ 2020 Virtual Contest concluded on September 25, 2020.

Regardless of the zest throughout the competition, only 8 finalists were selected for the grand finale, altogether from the semi-finals and the final round. Despite the massive support and participation, the best part of the InspiriaQ 2020 online quiz contest persists in the learning process throughout the session. After all, InspiriaQ is nurtured with an objective to promote learning amongst the youngsters by testing their knowledge on various subject matters.

The first experience of the virtual quiz contest 2020 by Inspiria greatly differed from the manual one. As in the former (online) mode, the participation was accessible to everyone across the country. Also, the FREE entry to the contest resulted in mass participation. Likewise, InspiriaQ 2020 virtual quiz contest witnessed a large number of unregistered participants who joined in through the live quizzing sessions.


Watch the Grand Finale in action!


Despite the learning part and the fun, InspiriaQ 2020 virtual quiz contest had in store, a wide range of goodies for both participants and registered quizzers. Cash rewards and trophies were awarded to the winners. Likewise, a large number of participants won goodies by participating in live quiz sessions. In this very first edition of an online quiz, each participant was rewarded with an e-certificate. Albeit the concern and uncertainties, InspiriaQ 2020 virtual quiz contest turned up to be a remarkable success in the very first experiment. The success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our participants. We, yet again, continue to encourage the learners and hope to see you in the next edition!



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