Top 15 Most Asked Interview Questions On Bartending

A popular belief is that Bartending is an easy job. With that belief comes another one that getting a position of a Bartender is just as easy. Truth is, it isn’t. The job itself is one of the toughest ones in the F&B industry. It requires a lot of skill and intricate knowledge of ingredients. On top of that, the working hours is not a typical 9 to 5. So as to get hired as a bartender in a prestigious bar or club one needs to go through the same interview process. But most of the time applicants may be nervous and may not be sure about what they are going to ask in the interview. To help interviewees with that we have prepared a list of questions which are frequently asked in an interview for Bartenders with tips on how to best answer them.

Most Asked Interview Questions On Bartending

How to answer: The best way to get through this question is to express your interest in Bartending. Saying you like to be creative and are confident about your skills would be helpful. Say that you yourself enjoy a well drink and it gives you pleasure to serve others with new mixes and flavours.

How to answer: The keyword of this answer should be service. Bartenders are meant to make and serve drinks from behind the bar. Giving a good service to customers, being a good team member by assisting them, keeping the bar clean and doing a lot of other miscellaneous tasks behind the bar are some of the things bartenders have to do.

How to answer: Mention your prior experience in detail, if you have any. Inform your interviewer about the new skills you acquired and achievements you gained. If you don’t have any prior experience you can say that you practiced while pursuing your degree and researched a lot online.

How to answer: Explain well about your degree or diploma and what you learned during that. Apart from that if you have undergone any other training mention the interviewer about that in detail. If you haven’t undergone any training, just be honest and say that quick learner and adapt fast.

How to answer: Answer to this question should always be positive. Say that you are flexible enough to work on shifts. Also add that you are aware that the job needs an employee to be available during the weekends and holidays which you are ready for.

How to answer: Give a detailed description about the preparation of whatever drink you are asked about. From ingredients you need to, temperature of the drink, its color to the kind of glass you serve it in, don’t miss out on even the tiniest detail.

How to answer: Being calm in any negative situation is the best way to handle it. Tell your interviewer that you would apologize to the customer, take the feedback from him and offer him another drink.

How to answer: Say that you are well aware of the requirements of the job. It is an industry where your presence is demanded in odd hours and days. Let the interviewer know that you are passionate about the job and want to make a successful career so working days is not really an issue for you.

How to answer: First let them know how you came to know about them. Praise their service and convey that you have heard their name in the industry which attracted you to start your career with their business.

How to answer: It is best to say that you would talk to them about it and how their behaviour is affecting the work flow. Say that you would try and make them understand that it is best to keep your phones away during work hours.

How to answer: Say that you had a good time there. Add praises about service and the drinks served there. Compliment the atmosphere and ambience telling them you find the place ideal and would add your feedback as you start working.

How to answer: Name any one drink that you enjoy making the most. If you don’t have a favourite you can name any a martini, a mimosa, a cosmopolitan or any other drink. But make sure you give a detailed description of how you prepare the drink.

How to answer: Recommend your personal favourite if you have any. If you don’t name some desert drinks such as Salted Caramel Martini, Grasshopper, Dulce De Tequila etc.

How to answer: Your answer would be best if you focus on keywords like cleaning and research. Tell your interviewer that you would clean the bar and behind the bar as things can get real messy there. Say that you would spend your time researching about new cocktails, discuss and learn new skills from teammates.

How to answer: It would be best to focus on your strengths and skills. Express how passionate you are about the job and that you are ready to join the business and acquire new skills.

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