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If you’re wondering how to become a bartender, the journey often starts with a passion for mixology and a desire to master the art of crafting exquisite cocktails. Bartending may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying the creativity and skill that goes into it. Every bartender is like an artist behind the bar, mixing, shaking, and stirring to create delicious concoctions that delight the senses. With the expansion of big hotel chains across India, bartending has transformed from a simple passion into a lucrative and rewarding career in bartending opportunity.

If you’re passionate about the art of mixology, a bartending course could be your ticket to a fulfilling career. The bartending courses cover everything from basic bartending techniques to advanced cocktail crafting, along with essential skills like customer service and responsible alcohol service. Plus, with hands-on training and guidance from experienced professionals, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your bartending journey with confidence.

Who is a bartender?

A bartender is a hospitality industry professional who mixes and serves alcoholic beverages in a bar in restaurants serving wine. Besides beer and wine, a bartender also mixes cocktails like Mojito. Bartenders have the authority to refuse drinks to customers who have not attained the legal drinking age requirements. Bartending is considered both a profession and an art.

History of bartending

Bartending – the art and profession of serving wine and making cocktails and mocktails has a history that dates back to Greek and Rome. In early history the first bartenders are believed to have existred in ancient Greece and Rome when wine revelers relied on expert craftsmen to pour their favourite drinks.

During the 15th century in Europe, bartenders were mainly innkeepers, who made their own spirits and ales. In America, the bartending culture remained vibrant in early 20th century even when prohibition laws were enforced by the federal government.

Bartending During the Prohibition Era

After the rise of the cocktail in the early 20th century, Americans were faced with prohibition laws from the Federal government. Popular cocktails like the tonic and gin were believed to have been invented during the prohibition age.

Bartending in Modern Times
Following the repeal of the prohibition laws, bartending became a fad in the United States. This was the period when the first bartending training schools were opened offering courses tailored to the emerging bartending trends. As the economy boomed, lifestyles became more luxurious and easy going and wine-drinking became rampant. The flourishing of the cocktail and mocktail culture boosted the career of bartenders.

What does a bartender do?

Bartenders typically do the following:

  • Greet customers, handing them menus and updates them about daily specials
  • Receives the orders for drinks
  • Ensures customers are of legal drinking age
  • Pour and serve  alcoholic  drinks and beverages
  • Prepares different types of mix recipes as required
  • Clean the bars and tables
  • Collect payments from customers
  • Manage the bar stock and inventory
  • Monitor intoxication levels of customers and if necessary refuse further drinks to them

Bartending as a Career

Professional Bartending Course in India & Job Prospects: Nowadays, there has been an upswing in pub culture, even in small towns and cities. Due to sweeping changes in traditional Indian conservative culture the tradition of night outs and weekends getaways has reaped quite a favor from all age categories.

Regardless of gender, age, and walks of life, a considerable number of people flock the nightclubs, bars, hotels, and pubs! This ceaseless influx has given a boon to the industry, eventually forging a tremendous demand for proficient bartending professionals. Bartending has emerged as a contemporary and exotic alternative as a part-time job and a full-time career.

So who is a bartender and what is bartending? Bartending is not a mere service, but an art, a technique. Think of the old Hollywood cowboy movies. An inescapable feature of such films was the old , rusty bar with rough wooden tables. The hero enters, rests himself on the swinging tool and orders a beer or two before the gunfight begins! In most Hollywood movies you would witness a scene of a bar and the bartender was the smart, alert and sometimes charming man who endeared himself to the hero.

It is this skill of impressive bartending which is now gaining huge popularity and has a thriving market in the hospitality industry as well as in the food & beverage sector. A bartender is a professional with an ability to multitask. One should bear certain traits like being prompt and keeping a positive body language.

One should be smart yet be humble and have a natural skill to cater to customer’s demands and deliver them their needs and evoke a worthwhile experience for them. A bartender’s responsibility is not merely to serve the customers but have considerable knowledge of mixing drinks both in variety and proportion and satisfy various taste preferences. Also, their responsibilities include maintaining the aura and cleanliness of the bar, refilling and keeping track of the stocks and sales, maintaining and instructing the team.

Additionally, aspiring bartenders should be prepared for bartending interview questions that assess their knowledge, skills, and personality. From describing cocktail recipes to demonstrating customer service abilities, being prepared for bartending interview questions can significantly increase the chances of landing a job in this competitive field.

Bartending: A Profession of Passion

Bartending is a profession of passion, a perfect amalgamation of intricacy and simplicity. Bartending is a career apt for those who seek to create their own trail. Once upon a time, bartenders developed the art of bartending from junior positions in the pub. Today we have professional Bartending courses that produce talented, well qualified bartenders who have the ability to enliven the gloomy gatherings and parties with their ineffable skills of twirling and stirring the drinks like a genius!

Who Can Join a bartending Course?

Its quite obvious that bartending is a profession which is not made for everybody. For the stereotypical, a career in bartending is deemed as a bizarre choice. You have to have a special knack for the culture of wines and beerages and a mindset to serve at the bar with patience and endearing. For such bartending enthusiasts, bartending can be an exquisitely fascinating career option in the hospitality industry and F&B sector. Bartending, in fact, is a reasonably intriguing career alternative for anyone who yearns to meet new people every day and have an exciting pursuit.

Types of Bartending Courses in India

Aspirants who dream to pursue a career in bartending can pick from a myriad of options for the bartending course. Based on the essence, the subject depth of the professional bartending course may vary. The bartending courses range from a diploma course to a certificate course including a full- time bachelor’s degree course which is incorporated in the Hospitality Management Course.

To be eligible for the bartending course, aspirants should pass10+2 from any stream from a recognized educational board. The course is offered at various categories such as – Advanced Bartending Course, Professional Bartending Course, Mixology & Flair Bartending Course, Course in Wine and Spirits, Craftsmanship Course in Bartending, Diploma Courses in Bartending and much more.

Advanced Bartending Course

This course  designed to train you in the very basics of bartending. You will know how to make a decent drink and develop the skills that helps you deliver a cutting edge to the drinks you serve. The student will also learn cocktail clarification, spherification, ice carving, and much more. In some cases you might also get hands-on job training for a few weeks as a part of the course.

Professional Bartending Courses

Professional Bartending Course emphasises on practical industry know-how through vocational training. This course imparts basics in professional bartending skills as well in professional bar management. A course in Professional Mixology Bartending enables individuals looking to enhance their practical skills in crafting cocktails and delivering exceptional service behind the bar. Students are also taught on makling high quality cocktails and mock-tails.

Mixology and Flair Bartending Course

Mixology & Flair Bartending Course trains students on the art of crafting cocktails and mock-tails while a Flair Bartending course trains students to master the graceful and intricate art of flairing and juggling exhibited by veteran bartenders. This unique art is an excellent addition to the skillset of any succesful bartender. Flairing and juggling skills enable bartenders to become skilled performers behind the bar. Students are provided valuable insights and techniques in this course.

Course in Wine and Spirits

The course on wine and spirits teaches students the basics about wine – what wine is, the different ways it can be made in and the colours it can appear in. It is a basic course on oenology which is the science and study of wine and winemaking. Student’ the entire process of wine making, from the vineyard to the bottle.

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Bartending Course is a prerequisite to securing a job. Even if we are to explore the surface matter of the syllabus of the bartending course in India, it’s intriguing! The basic topics covered in a good bartending course include some of the indispensable elements. Such as Principles of Bartending, How to look after a bar, Art of Mixology and Cocktails, Job responsibilities of a bartender, Management of a Bar, Bar Operation Method, Customer Service, Classical Mocktail Recipes, including Task, etc. Further, you will be instructed on Social Skills such as Greeting Customers, Bar Appearance, etc.

Accordingly, you will learn about Personal Hygiene too. As beverages are concerned, you will learn about Raw Materials & Products included. Your learning remains incomplete without practical. So the course will include mandatory practical sessions for Labels Recognition. Professional Bartending Course has varied time duration and fees. You can decide on one based on what you desire to specialize in.

FAQs on Bartending as a Career

What is bartending?

Bartending – the art and profession of serving wine and making cocktails and mocktails A .bartender is a hospitality industry professional who mixes and serves alcoholic beverages in a bar in restaurants serving wine.

What are specials skills of a bartender?

A bartender must be an outgoing, jolly person with great skills in making different alcoholic beverages including cocktails and mocktails. He must also learn the art of flairing and juggling. Besides he should also have the capacity to judge if a customer has reached the drinking age and also when a customer must be refused to be served more drinks.

How is bartending as a profession?

Today bartending profession is a pretty trendy and lucrative profession even in traditional conservative countries and societies due to sweeping changes in values and socially acceptable behavior. As the number of pubs and other wine serving outlets increase in the country, the job prospects of a capable bartender have risen significantly.

Where are the different bartending courses?

Bartending can be learnt as a part of the hotel or hospitality management course. Additionally, there are diploma and certificate courses that train you to be a successful bartender. The various bartending diploma and certificate courses are:-

Advanced Bartending Course:

This course is designed for experienced bartenders looking to elevate their skills to the next level. Students will delve into advanced mixology techniques, learn about rare and exotic spirits, explore the art of cocktail presentation, and master the intricacies of flavor balancing. Emphasis will be placed on creativity, innovation, and the ability to craft bespoke cocktails tailored to individual preferences.

Professional Bartending Course:

Geared towards individuals aspiring to begin a career in bartending, this comprehensive program covers all the fundamental aspects of the profession. Students will learn basic bartending techniques, cocktail recipes, customer service skills, and responsible alcohol service practices. Through hands-on training and simulated bar environments, participants will gain the confidence and expertise needed to excel in any bar setting.

Mixology & Flair Bartending Course:

This dynamic course combines the art of mixology with the spectacle of flair bartending. Students will not only learn how to craft delicious cocktails but also how to entertain guests with dazzling flair moves and tricks. From bottle flipping to juggling, participants will master the theatrics of bartending while honing their mixology skills. This course is perfect for those looking to add flair to their bartending repertoire and create memorable experiences for patrons.

Course in Wine and Spirits:

Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this course offers a deep dive into the world of wine and spirits. Students will explore the history, production methods, regions, and tasting profiles of various wines and spirits from around the globe. Through guided tastings and expert-led sessions, participants will develop a nuanced understanding of different varietals, styles, and food pairings, empowering them to navigate wine and spirits lists with confidence.

Craftsmanship Course in Bartending:

Focused on the artistry and craftsmanship of bartending, this course emphasizes attention to detail, precision, and consistency in cocktail making. Students will learn advanced techniques for muddling, shaking, stirring, and garnishing cocktails to perfection. Additionally, the course will cover the importance of using quality ingredients, proper bar setup, and efficient workflow practices. Graduates will emerge as skilled craftsmen capable of delivering impeccable cocktails with finesse and style.

Where are bartenders recruited?

Bartenders are recruited in five star hotels, alcohol serving restaurants, pubs, bars and motels.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Bartender?

The duties and responsibilities of a professional bartender are:-

  • Greet customers, handing them menus and updates them about daily specials
  • Receives the orders for drinks
  • Ensures customers are of legal drinking age
  • Pour and serve  alcoholic  drinks and beverages
  • Prepares different types of mix recipes as required
  • Clean the bars and tables
  • Collect payments from customers
  • Manage the bar stock and inventory
  • Monitor intoxication levels of customers and if necessary refuse further drinks to them

How is Bartending as a Career?

For the person with the requisite temperament, bartending can be a fascinating career. Everyday is different for a bartender. The bartender gets to meet different types of people and experience life in full. He usually has an excellent work ambience though sometimes the job can be challenging.

What is the entry salary level of a bartender?

In India the entry pay level of a bartender can vary from rs 4 to 6 LPA. IN well-known five-star establishments this can be higher.

Is it worth it at all to pay for bartending courses?

It depends on factors such as your career goals, the quality of the courses available, and your current skill level. Keep in mind that there are alternative ways to learn bartending skills, such as online courses, books, and hands-on experience which can be gathered by working in Hotel Operations.

Which are the best bartending courses in India?

The best bartending courses in India are :-
Indian Institute of Bartending (IIBT) Diploma in Bar Management.
Craftsmanship Course in Bartending
Certificate Course in Wine and Spirits
Certificate course in Bar Flair
Top hotel management institutes such as Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Delhi and Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Goa also offer bartending courses. Nowadays most Hotel andHospitality Management UG degree courses include bartending and mixology in the syllabi.

Is it important to do a bartending course to be a bartender in India?

Although one can become a successful bartender through hands-on in-job training in a reputed bar/restaurant serving wine, it is advised to complete at least a certificate or diploma course in bartending for better options. A diploma or degree puts you in a superior position in the job market.

What does it take to be a bartender? How hard is the job?

A bartender is a hospitality industry professional who mixes and serves alcoholic beverages in a bar or in restaurants serving wine. Bartenders have the authority to refuse drinks to customers who have not attained the legal drinking age requirements. Bartending is considered both a profession and an art. The job of a bartender is both a passion and a profession. One can never be a good bartender unless he is passionate about wine and spirits, has a pleasing outgoing personality and possesses excellent PR skills. The job can be demanding but not for the passionate bartender.

Do bartenders make good money?

The bartender works in a five star ambience and can make good money from his profession. A career in bartending for a talented and experienced bartender can be quite lucrative.


At the end of the day, whether bartending is a good career for anyone is something which depends on his/her interests, personality and goals. If someone is outgoing with a knack for quickly making friends, is passionate about socializing, has a deep interest in the culture and practice of wine making and consumption, for him or her bartending can be a fulfilling career. Flexibility in work hours and lucrative financial earnings is also another boosting factor for taking up bartending as a profession.

So, if you have a knack for creativity, a love for hospitality, and a desire to explore the world of cocktails, why not consider enrolling in a bartending course? It could be the perfect pathway to turn your passion into a rewarding career in the exciting world of bartending.

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