Maths exams tips and tricks to score high in Board Exam 2019 Of Class 12th

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Mathematics can be tough if you lack clear perception and confidence. The fear of passing the exams with good marks is obvious when it comes to board exams. Any subject that you find tough can bring stress and nervousness. If are amongst those that find Mathematics extremely tricky, you’re not alone. Such fear is normal and common even amongst those that find other subjects arduous, irrespective of the streams- be it arts, science, commerce, or others. So stop overstressing! Just take a deep breath and believe that you can. So, before you go anywhere, have a quick look at some relevant and helpful tips and tricks to score better in Maths Board Exam 2019.

1. Know the Syllabus

Before you start studying a subject, you should have a clear perception of the syllabus. The syllabus is the backbone of a subject. Once you understand your syllabus, you will be able to determine the importance of the topics and devote your time and energy accordingly for preparation.

2. Practice to Find Solutions

Every problem has a solution and mathematics is no exception. To gain expertise in any field, you need a thorough practice and preparation about the same. If you find it hard to begin with the practice, start with the theories and concepts first. Once you do, begin with practicing. To get a clear perception, you should solve the questions multiple times.

3. Keep a proper copy for formulae, theories, and techniques

Mathematics is all about formulae, theories, and techniques which you should keep handy. You can even write them down and stick to a place where you can see them and read them easily. Stick with the practice of reading the tough theories and formulas whenever possible.

4. Identify your areas of improvement

It’s crucial to identify where you’re lacking. You know your weaknesses by indulging yourself in solving the problems, writing tests, solving the sample papers. Doing so helps you identify the areas and topics where you need to put more of your time and effort. Identifying your weaknesses and working on them increases your efficiency in solving problems even if it’s a tricky one!

5. Seek Help

If you find it hard to solve a problem for the second time, ask for help from your mentors and friends. If you have any doubts, get into the discussions with friends, ask questions to your teachers. No matter how big or small your doubts and problems are, never hesitate to address it with your teachers. It’s better to get your doubts cleared before you have one, inside the exam hall.

6. Join a Coaching Centre

If you feel that mathematics is too tricky to be understood at once, you can even opt for joining a good coaching institute, particularly for the maths subject. Coaching institute usually teaches the easiest methods to solve the problems and find the precise answers. So, it will be easier for you to solve any questions asked in your board exam paper.

7. Follow NCERT Books

CBSE Board follows the NCERT designated study plans and syllabus. Thus, it’d be a good decision if you choose NCERT books for boar exam preparation. NCERT books are like the lifeline for the CBSE Board Exams. However, it’s equally important to pay attention to your school books.

8. Solve the Familiar Questions First

Before you start answering the questions, make sure you use the allotted 15 minutes time for reading and understanding the type and condition of each question carefully. Remember, it’s Okay if you get stuck on the questions that are unfamiliar. To get good scores in maths, you need to attempt all the familiar questions at first and get back to the unfamiliar questions later.

9. Provide your answer in steps

Pay proper attention to the steps while you’re calculating the answer. It’s never reasonable to just write down the answer during the maths exam. You have to be specific about the steps and the procedures that you execute to get the right answer to a problem. So, while you bring out the right answer, make sure that you involve the steps in your answer sheet.

10. Keep the answer sheet neat

Neatness and your handwriting matters. No evaluator will be pleased to spend a lot of time in a single answer sheet trying to figure out what has been written. Thus, you need to understand that your answer sheet should be neat including readable handwriting. Keep a separate sheet for the rough work. Avoid overwriting. Use a sharp pencil while making a diagram. Draw proper margins. Do not use white markers or scrub the answer sheet.

We wish you all the best for your board exams 2019.

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