Neden Lama Yolmo – The Multifaceted

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Her father being a musician, she has had a wonderful journey with music and now it runs within her. She is a vocalist as well plays the guitar. She is one of the singing stars of Inspiria. A fun-loving person who is always happy and singing. Life seems to be joyful and buoyant when she is around. You never see her walk around, she is always with a beat to her feet, the music in her soul is always reflected in her whole being.

A romantic by nature, her love for colour, thunder, lightning, forest, hills, rain and the sweet smell of petrichor reflects the kind of person she is. At times we feel she is eccentric but it is her carefree attitude and love of nature that makes her look so. But once she gets into her thinking spree she is a total sophrosyne. For a person who adores nature, she loves travelling and is passionate about photography. Her love for travelling also has another reason, her love for food. She is a foodie who wishes to taste the various cuisines of the world and this can be achieved with her travelling expeditions.

Well speaking about photography things got clear once she joined the Media Science course. Night photography is another area which she has discovered that she has an inclination to. But looking into a professional view she would want to opt for videography and films especially documentaries. These documentaries that she will work on, will focus on people and culture.

Neden at Flash Mob during Insvaganza-17

She leaves no area untouched, she wants to become a social activist at a later stage of her life. A person with soft corner for children wishes to work for them, to help them bring out their creative potential and educate them to be innovative. As she believes that knowledge can be attained not only through books but also with the experience of things around each person, so wants the children that she will work with to realise this and do what they love. Money or luxury is not part of her game but the knowledge and experience of life are what matters. Her present hobby is doodling, where she expressed herself.

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