Travails Of A Tea-Taster Unfurled

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The fourth series of Inspiring Story Series started with great enthusiasm.

The young entrepreneur Mr. Neeraj Poddar easily won the heart of the students with his life experience. He had just completed his BBM from Christ College, Bengaluru and was in search of job like any other graduate. Soon he was placed at an International Bank and was doing pretty good. But soon after he was asked to the quit job and join his family in their business. But Neeraj wanted to do something different out of his regular business, something like creating an empire of his own.

He started with many ideas and investments but unfortunately landed up bearing loss. But he was a man of vision and wasn’t ready to give up at any cost. Finally he started his life once again in the field of Tea, as Taster & Blender. And very soon he was able to set up deals with some of the nation’s greatest Tea manufactures. Today his enterprise has a turnover of around 18 Crores.

The students were easily able to relate to this young speaker. The students were encouraged and motivated to stand up for themselves, to become something in life. The chocolates were an added encouragement for the students to actively participate and interact with the speaker. He also spoke to the students about public speaking and its importance. His down to earth attitude and relevant examples helped the students to relate to what he spoke about.

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  1. Thanks neeraj for doing this session, i got awesome feedback on it and it was a great value add for the students

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