This is how Inspiria is keeping the desire to learn alive via online classes

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Since the nationwide outbreak of COVID-19, the Government has mandated the nationwide lockdown. This unprecedented scene has not just distorted the lifestyle of adults and working professionals but has also impacted the normal learning procedure of the students.

With the educational institutions being shut, the students are bound to stay at home despite the unfinished syllabus and forthcoming examinations. Besides the mandatory shutdown of educational institutions across the country, the Government is left with no choice but to postpone the board examinations and even worse, to call for a strict nationwide lockdown. The possibility of further extension for the lockdown might be imposed to resist the COVID-19 exposure.

E-learning is a new way forward – In this situation of dread and unpredictability, it’s not only the board exams and the syllabus, but even the future of students remains at stake. “So, what we’re gonna do now?” It’s the question that most of are getting concerned about. Indeed this pandemic is tragic but we cannot denounce it as a shortcoming on our path to advancement.


Understanding that learning keeps no boundaries or restrictions, Inspiria Knowledge Campus has started to provide web-based classes, real-time interactive sessions with an immersive teaching methodology. The organization has moved a step ahead in order to combat the current crisis. The faculty members of Inspiria have also started providing e-learning materials, allocating assignments, conducting quizzes, tests, mentor-mentee meetings through micro-groups and keeping a regular record of student attendance using new media technologies.


All the departments under the school of Management, Hospitality, Computer Science and Media have shifted to online content delivery meeting the organizational objective of providing quality content to the learners. The students of all the departments also shared their sense of contentment regarding the new mode of learning. “Learning is a never-ending process, nothing can be a barrier, not even home quarantine. Really enjoying the online classes conducted by the college where we connect to grow, and we must make good use of this knowledge source,” says an aspiring second-year media student. The hostels are also evacuated and team Inspiria works from home.

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The organization has also taken an initiative to disseminate social messages to spread awareness and consciousness related to the spread of coronavirus and urging all to stay at home, sanitize hands and maintain basic hygiene, keep physical distance in a crowded place, thus breaking the chain through regular social media posts.

“We are prepared and have strategized to compensate for the loss of classes and multiple other academic activities during the lockdown,” informed the board of management. Stay home, Stay Safe! Be Responsible! Break the Chain!

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