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Food and Beverage Service – With the rapidly increasing world population gives is to a growing need for food and drink. This gives rise to extreme growth in our needs and demands. When it comes to food, a number of factors influence our diet. Such as – the quantity of the platter, flavor, quality, appearance, variety, nutritional intake and so on. In contemporary times, a healthful diet has evolved as the lifestyle of the majority. A huge community has switched to a healthful diet such as keto diet, vegan food, and strict vegetarianism. This transition has introduced a new range of food and beverage choices in our daily lives. Besides, the blend in culture and traditions, travel and hospitality sector and personal choices and habits have contributed tremendously towards its growth.

As obvious as it is, despite the surge in variety, human needs are endless. We yearn for better choices. While picking up something from the mart, we often ask, “is it fresh? “is it organic?”, “Where does it come from?”, “is it pure?”, and so on. To satisfy this unceasing demands, the requirement for hefty production of food and beverages concentrating upon diversity and quality has become crucial. Owing to these increasing needs, the Food and Beverage Service business is speedily expanding, ensuring more employment opportunities for qualified, capable, and skilled experts. So before you go anywhere, let’s have a quick glance into this ever-expanding career sector of contemporary times.

So, what is Food and Beverage Service? Broadly speaking, Food and Beverage Service sector basically is a crucial part of the service-based sector in the hospitality industry. The sector comes under the travel and tourism industry. It can, however, be managed independently.
The industry professionals in this sector are expected to fulfill an extensive spectrum of errands. They are even entrusted to render par excellence service to the guests and meet their desired dining expectations. Also, when you say Food and Beverage Service, it involves the overall preparation technique of food and drink and likewise includes presenting and serving it to the customers, be it in a restaurant, a bar, a café or, any kind of fast food outlets or, quick-service restaurants. The service under the food and beverage sector also incorporates receiving the guests, fixing the service, putting up with their orders, catering to their requests throughout their dining time, settling their payments, and other chores after.

Food and Beverage Service sector integrates all the industries that cater to the service of processing raw foodstuff, packaging, and distribution. It comprises fresh produce, ready to eat meals, snacks or packaged foods including all kinds of beverages like alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Career Prospects in Food and Beverage Sector in 2020 and Onwards:

So, if you have ever desired to work on one of the finest properties in the world, then you’re on the right track. Wonder why? Without being biased in my statement, “a career in Food and Beverage Service industry ensures job stability and fulfilling career experience. Besides, this is an ever-flourishing industry, as people will always want to eat and drink. Also, the food and beverage services industry is predicted to surpass the worth of $9471.66 billion by 2022 with a substantial expansion rate of 8.9% each year.

A career in food and beverage service guarantees a plethora of job opportunities both nationally and globally. If you are a travel enthusiast and wish to work in a diverse culture, a vocation in the food and beverage service sector will be an ideal choice. With the right qualification, skills set and industry experience, the prospect of getting a dream job at your choicest place becomes even easier.

So, what to do next for kickstarting your career in the food and beverage service sector? In any industry, your proficiency, skills, and industry experience are given the utmost importance. Whether you want to design or, prepare the services for your guests, you need to have enough mastery and skills that are polished enough to earn one’s attention and fascinate the other. Inspiria’s three-year professional degree course after class 12 fetches you comprehensive learning in the aforementioned sector. Affiliated under MAKAUT, the program offered ensures you broader learning and helps you explore the crucial aspects of the industry. The program caters to the hands-on learning experience and reinforces your skills that are industry oriented.

Apart from the theoretical knowledge, you will learn everything from welcoming a guest to mixing up a cocktail, running a front desk to serving the finest food & drinks, and so on. Each student is mandated to go for internships during their course. Indulging in the apprenticeship, industrial visits, practical learning, and industry bound training prepares you for a real professional environment. Here, you will learn beyond the basics of food and beverage service. You will receive adequate support and guidance throughout with major skills improvement training. Soft skills development training, leadership skills, personality development training are provided throughout. So, if you have a desire to do something different, then this is where you might fit in well.


10+2 qualified from a recognized educational board, irrespective of the subject stream with at least 45% marks are eligible to apply. Students who are studying in class 12 are also eligible to apply for the course.

Furthermore, you might require appearing for an entrance exam to get enrolled. Combined Entrance Test (CET) either on the central level or state level is conducted by authorities every year. Besides, various educational institutions conduct the entrance test at their respective colleges and universities. The questions are MCQs based on where the candidates need to answer the given questions within the allotted time. The question pattern is based so for the general evaluation of an applicant.

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